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Posted on Apr 2, 2015

Best in the Basin: Sanchez & Kleyn bring home first-place finishes

When the phrase hard work pays off  comes to mind, Quincy High School sprinter Carlos Sanchez may be the face that pops up.

Mashayla Schaapman

Mashayla Schaapman

The junior was the premier sprinter at Quincy’s Best in the Basin track meet last Thursday.  He opened the meet with an 11.64 second 100-meter dash.  It may have been the fall training or the two track meets he competed at over the winter.  Either way he ran a full second faster than he did as a sophomore and more than a half second faster than the opening meet of the season.

“The start was awesome and being relaxed helps a lot,” said Sanchez.

He was being chased down by Steven Toro (11.89) of Royal in the final few meters.

“I saw him in the corner of my eye and I said, ‘I’ve got to get going,’” said Sanchez.

It was not the only time the two were engaged in a battle toward the tail end of a race.  In the 200-meter dash, Toro had the early lead coming around the corner to the straightaway. But Sanchez kicked it into high gear and recorded his second personal best of the day.  He clocked in at 23.95 for first place, which was more than a half-second improvement.  Toro had a time of 24.31.

In this case the hard work paid off with the winter competitions and off-season training.

“I wanted to get better and wanted to be on top,” said Sanchez.

Samantha Kleyn picked up a trio of first-place finishes for the Lady Jacks.  The junior also had a personal best in the 100-meter and ran the 200-meter for the first time in her career.  She had a time of 13.61 in the 100; 28.35 in the 200 and clocked in at 17.16 in the 100 hurdles.

Samantha Kleyn took first in the 100 hurdles and won both the 100- and 200-meter dashes at the Best in the Basin meet. Photos by Kurtis J. Wood.

Samantha Kleyn took first in the 100 hurdles and won both the 100- and 200-meter dashes at the Best in the Basin meet. Photos by Kurtis J. Wood.

The girls’ throwers also had a big day as a whole.  Senior Joanna Santana threw the discus 86-feet, 4-inches, placed second and had more than a 4-foot improvement.  Sophomore Mashayla Schaapman placed sixth in the discus with a mark of 79-3, which was a 19-foot improvement. First-year thrower Gemma Jaimes showed improvement in her second meet. The junior threw the disc 26-4, which was more than a foot improvement in just one week’s time.

“The kids missed a weight-lifting day setting up the meet. So they had more rest than we had planned,” said throws coach Jonathan Barker. “Mashayla Schaapman had a solid day with a (nearly) 20-foot PR in discus and a consistent 30-foot shot.”

Boys team: Ephrata 204, Quincy 110, Kiona-Benton 100, Royal 79, Othello 32.
Winner + Quincy Top-8
100-1. Sanchez (Q) 11.64.  200-1. Sanchez (Q) 23.95; 3, Luis Camacho (Q) 24.56.  400-1. Anthony Evans (E) 54.12.  800-1. Spencer Elmore (Q) 2:09.72; 7, Jimmy Garcia (Q) 2:20.85; 8, Gustavo Mendoza 2:23.22.  1600-Ethan Green (E) 4:42.64; 2, Elmore (Q) 4:46.37; 3, Garcia 4:P59.13; 7, Mendoza 5:18.48.  3200-1. Green (E) 10:10.48; 2, Victor Salgado 10:16.18.  110H-1. Joe Lang (R) 16.07; 4, Travis Harris (Q) 17.73.  300H-Gavin Barnes (E) 42.23; 2, Harris (Q) 43.90.  400R-1. Royal 46.46; 3, Quincy (Camacho, Caleb Williamson, Harris, Sanchez) 46.70.  1600R-1. Ephrata 3:39.67; 2, Quincy (Camacho, Harris, Elmore, Sanchez) 3:41.37.
Shot-1. Alberto Tafoya (Q) 46-2; 4, Alejandro Munoz 39-3.  Discus-1. Tafoya (Q) 132-7.  Jav-1. Vladimir Rizin (KB) 143-1.  HJ-1. Austin Sandberg (E) 5-10.  Pole Vault – Griffin Munro (E) 11-6; 6, Camacho (E) 9-6.  LJ-1. Lang (R) 20-6.25; 8, Ricardo Saldana (Q) 16-4.  TJ-1. Sandberg (E) 40-6; 5, Jonathan Santana 36-5; 6, Tyson Thornton (Q) 33-5.75.
Girls team:  Ephrata 228, Kiona-Benton 115, Quincy 80, Royal 55, Wahluke 26, Othello 20.
100-1. Kleyn (Q) 13.61;   200-1. Kleyn (Q) 28.35.  400-1. Gracelynn Miller (R) 1:06.78.  800-1. Karen Billingsly (E) 2:41.16; 2, Dezarae Westra (Q) 2:44.95.  1600-1. Katelyn Julian (E) 5:46.63; 3, Westra 6:05.22.  3200-1. Danielle Hiatt (E) 12:09.33; 3, Mireya Camacho (Q) 13:44.27.  110H-1. Kleyn 17.16.  300H-1. Momo Calzadillas (KB) 53.46.  400R-Ephrata 54.85.  800R-1. Ephrata 1:55.89.  1600R-1. Ephrata 4:44.09.
Shot-1. Loghan Kasti (KB) 31-00; 2, Schaapman (Q) 30-2; 5, Santana (Q) 26-8; 6, Jaimes (Q) 26-4; 9, Samantha Schaapman (Q) 25-11.  Disc-1. Sarah Vermeire (KB) 88-10; 2, Santana (Q) 86-4; 6, M. Schaapman (Q) 79-3; S. Schaapman (Q) 76-4.  Jav-1. Elizabeth Novik (E) 105-3; 6, Kaitlin Ramsey 70-7.  HJ-1. Karlee Etter (E) 4-10.  PV-1. Alex Mickelsen (E) 8-0.  LJ-1. Mihaela Edwards (KB) 15-2.5; 3, Kleyn 14-8.5; 6, Ramsey (Q) 13-9.  TJ-1. Madison Youngers (E) 33-9; 5, Ramsey (Q) 30-11.


— By Kurtis J. Wood,

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