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Posted on Oct 10, 2017

City Council move a show of support, hospital’s CEO says

Describing the council’s move to consider investing $1 million toward the hospital’s debt to the county as a “show of support,” for the services the hospital provides, Quincy Valley Medical Center’s new CEO Glenda Bishop said that the investment means the city also backs the future plans of the hospital
The decision invests the city’s money in some of the hospital’s registered warrants that are held by Grant County. In other words, the city’s move would lend the hospital $1 million to put toward those debts, with the loan’s interest going to the city.
“We appreciate the council’s decision of investing in the hospital’s warrants,” Bishop said.
While the city has not voted to approve the move yet, a vote will likely take place at the next council meeting, mayor Jim Hemberry said, calling the investment “a really good idea for the city.”
“By us investing it shows we believe in what they are planning,” Hemberry said of the hospital.
The plans involve teaming up with a larger company.
Bishop said three major healthcare delivery systems have approached QVMC seeking to partner with it. Such partnerships would allow for the hospital’s future sustainability and priorities, Bishop said, including a round-the-clock emergency room.
Bishop, who has been the hospital’s CEO for about two weeks, said the future has never been brighter for the city, “in terms of having hospital services available within this community, and other support services.”
In order to do that, Bishop said, “We really need to maintain the operations of the hospital through the coming year.” 2018, Bishop said, would be a critical year for the hospital.
While no partner has been chosen, by this time next year, the hospital would know who the partner will be, she added.
In the meantime, the move to invest the money means a new partnership is developing between city and county.
“It’s an investment on their part to partner with the county,” she said of the council’s decision.

By Sebastian Moraga,

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