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Posted on Jul 31, 2015

Crescent Bar offers fun in the sun by the hour

Fancy a ride on a stand-up paddle board?  Maybe a cruise with your best friend on a pair of jet skis? Or would you be more inclined to charter a pon-toon boat and take your family on a jaunt down-river?

Whichever you choose, head down to Crescent Bar and look up Crescent Bar Vacation Rentals or Columbia Water Sports.  Either one will be more than happy to fill your request.

After a waterless season last summer, the two outfits are stocked up and ready to go.  Columbia Watersport Rentals, owned by Warren and Susan Lybbert, has 10 jet skis, five kayaks, five stand-up paddleboards and a true ski boat.

“We will meet people,” said Lybbert who is in his fourth year renting watersport equipment.  “We drive skis down to Sunland or even Vantage.”

Columbia Watersports has three-seater Yamaha Wave Runners that can be rented for as little as two hours or up to a half or full day.  The Wave Runners will run up to 55 miles an hour.  The hourly rate is $50, or $150 for a half day and $250 for a full day.

Paddle boards and kayaks are available for $15 an hour or $40 for a half day and $60 for a full day.

The business also rents ski boats for $250 for a half day and $350 for a full day.

The nine-seater Ski Centurian is capable of wa-ter-skiing, wakeboarding and wake surfing.  All equipment and boards are available to rent.

“It’s out almost every day,” Lybbert said.  “It’s a true V-drive ski boat.  It’s great for skiing, wake-boarding, (surfing) and tubing.”

Lybbert suggests heading south on the river or going westbound across the water.  The river to the north has many unseen obstacles and the water lev-el can vary by up to 15 feet, he said.

“There are a lot of rocks up north,” he said.  “We tell them to head south, where there is a lot of sand.  Of course, there is Quilamene, which is across from the Gorge.”

A quick adventure down to Quilamene/Sunland is a 20-minute round trip.   So a picnic for two can be done in two hours.

Lybbert said you have to be 18 to rent and kids under 14 have to wear life jackets on the jet skis and boat.  The life jackets have to be on the SUP and kayaks.

Columbia Watersports is located on the dock at the Crescent Bar boat launch, or can be contacted by calling 797-3600.

Cruising with Captain Tom

Crescent Bar Vacation Rentals, out of Sunserra, offers pontoon boat rentals for $85 an hour or $600 for eight hours on the weekend.  Mid-week rates for the pontoon are $75 an hour.  This will also require a deposit.

If you would like to just sit back and let someone else do the driving, a skippered charter will cost $125 an hour with a four-hour minimum or $750 for the day.  The mid-week rate will run $95 an hour. The business has two pontoon boats, which have maximum capacities of 11 or 12 people.

In conjunction with chartering Captain Tom Park and his pontoon boat, they also rent a three-seat Seadoo 1200 watercraft for $45 an hour or a Kawa-saki 1000 two-seater for $40 an hour.

“Captain Tom is a great person to go on a tour with.  He is very knowledgeable about this area,” said Debbie Park.  “He has been doing tours for at least seven years.”

The tour will take renters upriver and downriver. “He takes them upriver and talks about Spanish Castle, and to the cliffs, where he allows them to cliff dive,” Park said.  “Then they go downriver to Quilamene and look at all the interesting scenery.  He also takes pictures of the trip, then puts them on a CD so they can have the entire memory.”

There are paddle boards for $15 an hour or four hours for $40.  A kayak will run $10 an hour or $30 for four hours.

Crescent Bar Vacation Rentals is located at 9217 Red Cliff Dr. N.W.  Or call 509-787-2665.

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