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Posted on Dec 11, 2014

‘Fairy Tale Christmas’ is a holiday treat

Queen Malvania has taken over the kingdom of Happily Ever After, where former fairytale enemies have been rehabilitated into friends. A “Fairy Tale Christmas,” directed by Stacey Bresee and Jen Clouter-Schwartz, is a play about how the queen attempts to foil their plans.

The holiday performance features two Quincy actors. Cecilia Monda, a third-grade teacher at Mountain View Elementary, plays Queen Malvania. Monda gives a delightful performance, as her character manipulates the others to do her bidding. Queen Malvania has big plans, and cornering the market on spells and charms is one of them.

Addysen Stredwick, a fifth-grader at Quincy Valley School, joins AnLi Guttormsen and Ruth Bresee as the three little pigs – Pixi, Trixi and Dixi. They are as cute as can be. Their antics and dancing keep the audience laughing. Kind Wolfie (Pat Rosman) has plans for the little pigs. He wants to invite them to dinner.

The play includes a cast of fairytale characters. God-mama Heidi Hendrickson, stepsisters Ursula (Issy McAvinew) and Lucretia (Krystal Ker), and Rapunzel, (Christa Clouter), Cinderella (Sophie Butterly), Snow White (Morgan Adams), Little Red (Piper Kanoff), Goldilocks (Issy McAvinew), and fairytale icons, the Huntsman (Jesse Berry), Prince Charming (Chris Guttormsen) and Jack (Reuben Andersen), Hansel and Gretel (Joshua Bresee and Kathryn Guttormsen) are supported by an equally talented cast of extras and helpers.

Come and see the play and find out whether the kingdom of Happily Ever After will stay that way or become the kingdom of Happily Never After.

Performances are: 7 p.m. Friday, 2 p.m. on Dec. 13, and 2 p.m. on Dec. 14. Masquers Theater is at 322 Main Ave. E. in Soap Lake.

Tickets are $7 and are available at


— By Tammara Green, QVPR contributor

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