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Posted on Sep 22, 2017

Farmers market ends its first season

The inaugural season of the Quincy Farmers Market came to a close last Saturday the same way it started, with folks looking forward to what lies ahead.
Next year, the market will likely start earlier than this year’s 9 a.m. start time, to take advantage of the larger morning crowds, said Chelsea Flaherty, co-president of the Quincy Farmers Market.
The market slows down after noon, with people no longer seeking to get to the veggies before they sell out. By that time of the day, their priorities have changed, Flaherty said.
“They are thinking naptime, siesta,” she said. In addition, in midsummer, people don’t want to be outdoors shopping in 100-degree weather.
So, next year, the market might open around 8 a.m. and close at noon.
Flaherty described putting on markets twice a month for several months as not difficult.
“Some people think it’s quite the feat to take on, but we have had a lot of help and a lot of support from the community; it’s been fabulous,” she said.
Even when the vendors miss a market or two, it’s still reason for optimism, Flaherty said. The no-shows are due to family vacations or other obligations, not because they don’t care to make the trip to Lauzier Park.
“All the vendors are very excited about next year, and we have about 10 vendors that could not do it this year but will do it next year.”
Vendors interested in signing up for the 2018 market or to sponsor or volunteer for it may contact the Farmers Market through its Facebook page, Quincy Washington Farmers Market, or email
The biggest thing Quincy has gained by having a farmers market is camaraderie, Flaherty said.
“It’s just contributed to Quincy’s kinship,” she said, and it “got us all together in a communal area, and that’s what we wanted.”
And to hear Flaherty tell it, the best is yet to come.
“We have had a little bit of everything,” she said of the inaugural season. “I would just love to see more of it. We have had entertainment, the food, the produce, the nonprofits, the foot traffic, the people. I would just love to see more.”

By Sebastian Moraga,

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