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Posted on Jul 16, 2016

Of good wishes and big plans: Head coaches share their hopes for the future of Quincy Athletics

Quincy head coaches remained mostly optimistic about the new era in Jack athletics, with Kaycie Tuttle at the helm.
At the same time, a few of the coaches interviewed said they didn’t know much about the new athletic director, and one even said he had not even been notified of the hiring.
“I wish her the best of luck,” wrestling head coach Greg Martinez said. “It will be a learning process for all of us.”
Martinez said he would like to see more camaraderie and more communication between coaches now.
“What I would really like is a summer workout plan so that our kids have a place to do a little workout,” he said. “So we have a program in place for all athletes.”
The wrestling program has good infrastructure, Martinez said, and he has really felt supported by both the community and the administrators, he added.
“We’ll keep doing what we are doing,” Martinez said.
Erik Nelson, head coach of the girls’ soccer team, said he looked forward to working with the new AD, while at the same time, lavishing praise on the outgoing AD.
“Coach Alex took me under his wing,” Nelson said. “I’m really going to miss Coach Alex. He started me out, gave me my first coaching job here in Quincy.”
In the future, Nelson said, he hoped to have support from the AD.
“Coaching is a very emotional job,” he said. “You put your heart and soul into trying to do your best not just on the field but off the field.” Children in athletics need to perform strongly in the classroom and on the field, he added.
Prior to being hired, Tuttle said she would like to see girls’ sports strengthened.
“One of the biggest obstacles in female sports,” Nelson said, “is just getting them to turn out. We have exceptional female athletes in Quincy, and we need to provide them with an environment where they feel comfortable turning out.”
He added, “We are trying to get female athletes to know that it’s a great opportunity to come in and tryout for sports, because there’s a place for you there. It really builds self-esteem and it helps you feel good about yourself. If we can get that message out, we will have a lot more female athletes.”

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