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Posted on Aug 4, 2017

Letter to the editor: Fiscal sanity

President Trump’s 2018 fiscal budget proposal would eliminate 66 programs for a savings of $26.7 billion. If you’re a parent and you were going in debt to do or provide things for your kids and yourself and had gotten to the point you’d borrowed so much that your monthly payments were now 10 times more than your monthly income, wouldn’t that be insane? But you’d kept this up by continually thinking that somehow it would work out. You’d taken out a second mortgage and put everything you owned up as collateral on your various loans. The day’s now arrived where no one will loan you one more penny, so you have a family meeting. Everyone agrees you’ll have to cut some of your expenses. Then you start going through the list and bringing up options of what each person can do without. Suddenly you are met by tantrums as you address each family member about cutting expenses that are good things but not necessities. Responses coming at you include, “I can’t live without that!” “How can you even suggest such a thing?” “You are just being hateful!” “If you think I’m going to give up having my nails done, you’re dead wrong!” Your wife shouts, “If you think I’m going to change my lifestyle, you can expect divorce papers so fast it’ll make your head spin!” The couple and all of their children were well-educated in economics, and any one of them could have said along the way, “Hey, we’re getting buried in debt! We have got to do something now!” But they didn’t. In comparison, our president – God bless him – is the first person in government to finally “take the horse by the reins” and take practical steps to save us from very, very soon becoming another Venezuela. Since the mainstream media isn’t even touching what has happened there, you may be clueless. Zoo animals and even pets have been butchered and eaten by desperate people. Our country’s last and only chance to avoid the same future? Cutting government expenses big-time and immediately. By the way, why did spineless members in both parties vote against repealing Obamacare when they’d quickly exempted themselves from the program at its inception? Well, that took no debate because they knew with each successive step, Obamacare is designed to gradually destroy the financial freedom and independence of anyone who’s not exempt from it.
Dwight Needens,

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