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Posted on Nov 10, 2017

Letter to the editor: Integrity first

Integrity first
I may or may not be mayor as you read this, but either way, my integrity last week was called into question in a letter to the editor. Moving forward, whether mayor or not, my integrity is important to me, more important than being mayor.
Yes, as I stated, I hate the clutter of campaign signs, but agreed to place them in limited quantity and locations. Beyond that, they were posted with permission from a responsible adult resident at each location. It was important to me that I talk with the citizens of Quincy. Why would I skip this opportunity and risk offending a voter?
I was also accused of disregarding city and WSDOT codes by parking large campaign signs along the highways. It should be noted, that I contacted WSDOT myself, after learning from the city that my signs may be out of compliance. I was leaving for a four-day weekend and was reassured it could be taken care of the next week. And they were.
Regarding one of the trailers being parked along the highway for two hours at the candidates forum; it was parked parallel to traffic as “a trailer” temporarily … and legally. You will find a multitude of semi- trailers parked the same way on a daily basis throughout Quincy.
As I value my integrity, I do not disregard city codes to fit my own needs. I love Quincy and will always try to serve where and when I can.
Scott Lybbert,

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