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Posted on May 9, 2017

Letter to the editor: Keep looking up

You can find many reports (going back several years) about Bill Gates’ funding and support of geoengineering. What is geoengineering? To answer that, all you have to do is look up in the sky on a given day when the sky is not a crisp blue and the clouds are not like cotton puffs and you’ll see an accelerating number of experiments in action, on we, the guinea pigs.
I’m writing this letter in hopes that more people will start looking up, paying attention, speaking up, and doing what they can – whether it be writing letters to the editor themselves, contacting their senators and congressmen, and local city officials, fire departments, county and school health departments – you name it. Why would it be relevant to contact these places? Well, the fire department, for one, should be doing some serious (serious, not surface) research. If they’ll do so, I believe they’ll be livid over what they discover – not only because of what the evidence seems to reveal, but also over the fact we’re being “kept in the dark” (some days, literally) with the total silence regarding what’s being done and how it’s affecting our air, water, skin, soil, plants and – remember how many years it’s been since honeybees started disappearing on an alarming basis? Though such things are alarming – and should be – it seems to be only a matter of hours (or even minutes) until such concerns, which should stay with us, are gone from our mind. Perhaps honey bees and our attention spans are both being wiped out by the aerosols we’re laughably supposed to believe are a natural phenomenon of “vapor trails” from normal air traffic.
If you’ve been so “Gomer Pyle gullible” to believe such nonsense, then ask yourself this question: Where is and what is the evidence of “geoengineering”? Without question it’s been funded with billions and going on for years, so shouldn’t we be seeing the evidence? Are you having an “aha moment”? We are seeing it. And you’re seeing the light, right? Think about the effect of blocking sunlight from everything (necessarily gradual – of course – to avoid concern and alarm): increasing bronchial illnesses, the whole agricultural system being out of kilter – possibly even destroyed; and a rise in fungal conditions in plants, animals and humans. Ingredients in engineered aerosols sprayed from above can act as accelerants. Are “engineered wildfires” OK with you? I think not.
Dwight Needens,

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