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Posted on Oct 23, 2017

Letter to the editor: Lybbert is best candidate

After reading Keith Anstine’s letter about mayoral candidate Scott Lybbert, I would add my own impressions of his fitness for office. Mr. Anstine stated that Mr. Lybbert was ready to leave Quincy for greener pastures when a local job opportunity fell through.
Although some might criticize this choice, it is one that any one of us would make in similar circumstances. Seeking better opportunities is not a character flaw, it is the highest manifestation of American grit, a value that exemplifies the fortitude of many of our own Quincy families.
The same yearning for a better life that brought settlers from Germany to the Quincy Valley in the early 1900s was the same that made Scott courageous enough to risk placing his family’s well-being above all else. Scott’s Quincy employer valued his years of professional service and commitment to his family so much that he convinced the Lybberts to stay and accept a comparable offer.
Scott’s readiness to transform a challenging situation demonstrates a tenacity that will not abandon the citizens of Quincy when political headwinds disagree. Scott’s trailblazing did not always make him popular with those steeped in upholding the status quo. But it does make him unwavering and grateful that the spirit of democracy allows elected officials to work together for the greater good. Most significantly, these qualities make Scott the best man for the job.
Scott may not be a Quincy native, but being a Quincy native does not uniquely qualify a candidate to excel in public office. Scott’s experience living in other places gives him the vision to make Quincy greater than Mr. Worley has ever dared to imagine. What Quincy needs during this critical juncture in its history is someone fearless enough to recognize that we’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of Quincy’s potential.
Don’t be swayed into voting for the path of least resistance. Scott will nurture Quincy’s beating heart into that gleaming “city upon a hill.”
Scott Lybbert is many things. Dedicated family man. Enthusiastic coworker. Determined former city council member. But for the residents of Quincy, he will be a present and uncompromising mayor. Scott is not afraid to put his neck on the line for the citizens of Quincy even if that doesn’t endear him to everyone in the room. Isn’t Scott someone who you’d want in your corner? A vote for Scott is a vote for thriving Quincy families.
Sandy Zavala,

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