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Posted on Oct 27, 2017

Letter to the editor: Lybbert for mayor

My name is Juan “Johnny” Zavala. I was born at the Quincy Hospital, when they still used to deliver babies here. I grew up in our close-knit town, playing baseball, basketball, ran track, and football. After high school I left Quincy to explore the world. After many adventures, I realized that I wanted to raise my boys in the same friendly town where I was raised.
Fast forward to October of 2017. It’s time to elect a new mayor. Who should I vote for? I asked myself, what kind of qualities do I want our mayor to have? I look at my young sons and the answer was simple: I want a mayor that will fight to make Quincy a better place for my boys. When faced with approving a project, I want my mayor to ask, “Will this make the lives of our citizens better?” And then ask, “How can we get this done? Do we need to reduce fluff to get this important project through?” I never want my future mayor to default to, “Isn’t what we have good enough? Do we need to spend the money? This is the way it’s always been done.”
Fiscal responsibility is important, but sitting on city dollars when our families and seniors need so much isn’t the Quincy from my youth. My Quincy had a movie theater, a bowling alley, a Chevy dealership, great places to eat like A&W, Don’s Drive-In, the Turf, Lee’s Landmark, and great service.
Which candidate would encourage new business growth to make shopping and entertainment more accessible instead of driving all the way to Wenatchee? The mayor my family needs shouldn’t just be “a nice guy,” laid-back, or have experience. He needs to be the guy that will place his neck on the line to get the job done.
To all our friends that have been on the same sports teams as my boys, and fellow Jacks classmates with aging parents and small grandchildren, Scott Lybbert is scrappy enough to not give up on the Quincy you remember.
To my fellow Raza Latino brothers and sisters, including those that voted for Ric Garces and Ricardo Ruesga, Scott appreciates you and understands that family is your heart. He will honor your families by making Quincy the best place it can be. Vote Scott Lybbert for mayor.
Juan Zavala,

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