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Posted on Nov 2, 2017

Letter to the editor: Proposition 1 – Hope and a Vision

Proposition 1: Hope and a Vision
“Hope and a Vision” is why I support Proposition #1 hospital levy. The opening to this letter speaks to the pioneers and visionaries who first formed Hospital District #2 in 1950. Their Hope was to provide quality and sustainable medical care to Quincy area residents. Their Vision was to secure medical care 24 hours a day to all. In 1950, Quincy residents were less than 1,000, and George was not more than an irrigation district maintenance building and office. Yet the residents realized the importance of medical care and voted to approve a local hospital.
For years, “hope and a vision” was never associated with our hospital, and because of it, it’s been ignored. During the past year, community representatives, Quincy Port District and Hospital District #2 have been working to put together a strategy to keep and improve our hospital. The result has brought “Hope and a Vision” back into my view of keeping and making our hospital better than ever before.
The “Legacy Project” opened dialogue and opportunities with three interested healthcare providers. The idea has the potential to provide services and options to our community that we currently have to drive 40 miles to receive. Quincy is expected to reach 14,000 residents by 2026. It makes good sense that as our community grows, so must our medical services.
Proposition #1 will provide $875,000 to “bridge” the gap while QVMC transitions to side with a healthcare provider. With support from the City of Quincy, Port District, plus interest from three different healthcare providers is why I believe the plan makes sense. These are opportunities that weren’t available a year ago. I have growing confidence in the hospital administration and believe they are moving in the right direction.
Please support Proposition 1 to keep and improve our Hospital District #2 by voting “Yes.”
Thank you.
Frank Gonzales,

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