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Posted on Sep 9, 2017

Letter to the editor: A rattling of swords

A rattling of swords
There have been events that have created a divide in our country with an undertone for civil war between the left and right. Obama constantly pointed out African Americans are not treated equally, adding how our police target them. He left out the facts that much of what he was talking about was happening in his hometown of Chicago, where African Americans make up much of the population and some are of a mindset that they have been dealt unfair hands and choose a life of crime rather than an education to overcome adversity. Police in Chicago have to deal with the worst of the worst in a city where guns are outlawed and yet has the highest gun crime rates of any city in the U.S.
Obama made himself look like a hero as he federalized healthcare giving it to many people who had never had it before. He catered to every desire of the left, such as abortion and gay marriage. He was a regular super hero, lacking the cape, to those looking for a free handout. In the minds of the people being thrown the proverbial bone, if anyone should try to take this away they would be trying to take away their very lives. In this way of thinking, some who had previously voiced their discontent for guns having heard rumors that their gravy train was in danger of being derailed, started arming themselves up.
America elected a man to put a stop to corrupt politicians defrauding the people while taking from the working class to give to the poverty class to ensure them lifelong careers in swindling our nation. Then the bankers behind this Sun Tzu style of divide utilized their mouthpiece (mainstream media) to fan the flames of hate to create a rattling of swords. College professors have incited violence against Republicans, one saying they should be lined up and shot for trying to take away government healthcare. We have had celebrities do their part to subvert the masses to turning to violence rather than remain diplomatic as they hypocritically defend democracy. Our forefathers had to wait for the British to fire first, and I am confident that conservatives are under the same belief. I do not condone violence nor do I want to encourage any civil unrest. On the contrary, I want to encourage the left to remain diplomatic rather than semi-automatic.
Kary Eaton,

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