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Posted on Dec 4, 2017

Letter to the editor: Sex ed in public schools

Sex ed in public schools
I would like to thank our Quincy School District for efforts made Nov. 20 to inform parents about the sex education program that our schools will be using.
Sex education is of the utmost importance in our overly self-indulgent world. Our children do not stand a chance of living a happy and healthy lifestyle if they do not understand their bodies, the mechanics of hormones, the importance of protecting themselves by making wise choices in relationships and understanding that there are consequences to every decision they make, that will affect them the rest of their lives.
As parents in this advanced day and age, it is a difficult task to take on the education of sex for our children due to the still prudish attitudes of our parents in such education.
We know this has to change, but we are still lacking the tools to do so, and because we are still “kind of” afraid to say the word sex, much less to discuss it seriously with our children, the dilemma continues.
I left this presentation with sadness because the schools did not, or perhaps cannot approach sex in this way. However they failed to clearly present the opt-out possibilities, in fact one instructor wasn’t aware that this was an option, which brings me to the reason for writing this letter.
I personally do not believe that public schools should be the educators of sex for our children, however the number of sexually uneducated children is still huge, and this brings major problems to the schools in their efforts to teach the basics. A child cannot concentrate enough to learn if worried about pregnancy, the possibility of an STD or dealing with sexual abuse, so the schools feel the need to take it upon themselves to teach sex education.
Parents, this does not have to be! It is your right not to have your child take part in this program if you are uncomfortable with it. There are other options, and these should have been identified more clearly. You can obtain this same program and teach it yourself or go to your minister with it, and tell them you need their help to teach your children and perhaps even yourselves. If neither of these work, I, with a small group of friends, will personally find more faith-based options to help you.
Rita Keene,

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