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Posted on Oct 19, 2017

Letter to the editor: More to the story

A recent Sunday’s Wenatchee World included a letter from a man whose name was listed as Elmer Kuball. If you read it, like me, you may have thought, “We need Paul Harvey back to give us ‘the rest of the story!’” Looks like you and I will have to carry on his legacy.
In response to Mr. Kuball’s bringing up ancient history on Trump, combined with hateful rhetoric in his Safety Valve submission, I wonder if Mr. Kuball is a part of the “overall cabal” going on in the U.S. (and the rest of the world, for that matter). Mr. Kuball’s letter was unfair in that he left out the story on another president-to-be from that era that he could have used the same claim and rhetoric against. Remember our loveable president, affectionately known to millions as “Slick Willie”? Like anyone else who had a big enough bank account and/or the right connections, he avoided what was inevitable to many, through a brilliant plan. The well-researched story of how this was maneuvered is spelled out in detail on under the title of bill-clinton-draft-dodger.
It’s sad that it hasn’t been publicly acknowledged (in my opinion) that our president from 2008-2016 was the son of the late Frank Marshall Davis (read the book or watch the internet clip “Dreams of My Real Father”). If you have a different opinion, I dare you to read the book and/or watch the clip. What have you got to lose? If you do so and are able to still believe the fairy tale we were fed, you’re the perfect “puppet” to be led into any cabal.
What branch of service did our 44th president serve in? Hmm, did the mainstream news even report that he very likely would’ve never made it through the 2008 primaries if it weren’t for folks like Indiana Democrat Butch Morgan, who ended up going to prison for his “work” on the Obama ascendancy? Others charged in the election fraud cabal in the 2008 Indiana Democratic primary were Pam Brunette, Beverly Shelton and Dustin Blythe. Look into it!
Also, with all the rapid-fire orchestrated weather disasters (see and/or if you think this is far-fetched) how are Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Sanders or Schumer helping in rhetoric, deed and action on these overwhelming tragedies? Seems their only focus (assignment?) is Trump’s crucifixion. Truth is revealed during tragedies, isn’t it?
Dwight Needens,

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