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Posted on Jul 14, 2017

Letter to the editor: Unaffordable health care

Anyone who thinks the Affordable Care Act, or Obama Care, is great needs to read this. How has Obama really helped anyone but pharmaceutical companies? Obama forced businesses with 20 or more employees to provide health care for those employees. This resulted in businesses with 40 employees laying off half their workers to avoid having to provide medical. Businesses that couldn’t lay off half their workers cut the hours of their employees so they wouldn’t have to pay for their health care. I work for a small, family business of six employees including myself, so I am responsible to purchase my own health care or be fined.
Democrats have been calling Republicans “fascists” in what I believe to be a confusion of fascism with rac-ism, as some seem to think Republicans are racist. Is this because conservatives such as myself want people of all races to be able to come here and enjoy the security of properly secured borders? Securing our borders is not racist. It’s an honorable service provided to U.S. citizens of all colors. Fascism is not about race. It’s about forcing someone to do something they do not want to do, such as purchase something they don’t want or can’t afford. Fascists force their hand by issuing threats of fines to take one of our First Amendment rights (money). I have paid fines for the past two years because I don’t qualify for Affordable Health Care. I can’t afford Affordable Health Care, yet I get taxed all year with a portion of those taxes going to pay for others’ health care while I’m forced to deny my own health care.
Furthermore when did abortion become a part of health care? Why is a portion of my taxes going to pay for abortions for women who forgot to take their birth control? Maybe the Californians were right by signing a phony petition to have birth control added to their water. Mark Dice creates phony petitions to demonstrate how folks will sign anything and to show how ignorant people can be. Could this ignorance possibly be one of the problems in nations under a democracy, causing citizens to vote for politicians who will buy their votes by promising “freebies” such as “the people’s car,” better known as the Volkswagen bug, or, in more recent times in our own democracy, cellphones?
Kary Eaton,

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