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Posted on Dec 4, 2017

Letter to the editor: Unauthorized

It’s becoming the norm to see “Without a vote of the people” when our ballots arrive, informing us of a tax we’ve been subject to without our vote or knowledge. Legislators, without “we the people” agreeing to an additional tax, simply implement it! Is that legal? If you don’t know the answer either, perhaps that’s why our legislators are getting away with it. Whatever the case, it was unauthorized.
It’s recently been revealed that at least 17 million of our tax dollars, unauthorized by “we the people,” has been paid to settle sexual harassment suits filed against people we’ve been paying to look out for our interests. Instead, our dollars have been being secretly used, for more than 20 years, to pay for their wrong-doing. According to the Office of Compliance data released earlier this month, there have been 268 settlements! Representative Jackie Speier announced at a news conference earlier this month there’d been 260 settlements. The previous tally didn’t include settlements paid in 2015, 2016 and 2017.
While accusations against Roy Moore have been solely hearsay, the mainstream media, with a mob-mentality onslaught, has condemned him without a trial, having determined him unfit based solely on accusations.
In the meantime you can see with your own eyes countless instances of Joe Biden’s behavior with young girls that is way out of bounds and far beyond cordial. Just Google the phrase “Joe Biden’s Disturbing Groping of Young Girls and Women.” I was nauseated by what I saw. When you see the look of discomfort on the girls and women’s faces you can’t help but be dumbfounded that this guy hasn’t been tossed out on his ear or disciplined at the least. Why hasn’t the mainstream media been ranting about Joe Biden’s video-documented, in-your-face and ongoing creepy behavior? Double-standard beyond belief! Don’t believe me – do your own internet search on Joe Biden groping. You’ll be blown away.
I recently watched some news programs on PBS and was sickened to see they’re presenting the same propagandized, mind-control news as the alphabet stations. Andrea Mitchell, wife of Alan Greenspan (former Chairman of the “Federal” Reserve) was making claims (fake, I believe) about changing views of Trump supporters but provided zero evidence. Instead of giving Elizabeth Warren a pass to an open microphone, they should tell her “Ancestry DNA is on sale now. Take the test lady, then we’ll listen to you!”
Dwight Needens,

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