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Posted on Oct 23, 2017

Letter to the editor: Vote yes on Prop. 1

In the interest of full disclosure, I have not voted for a hospital bond in many years. Like many of us, I was uncomfortable with the business model and was frustrated by what I saw as the lack of a plan. The hospital continued to chart a path of an autonomous, self-directed business model that made sense 50 years ago; however, in the era of “economy of scale” it seemed unsustainable.
Eighteen months ago a conversation started between the community and the hospital. Even though it was difficult at times, the dialogue challenged the hospital to rethink some of its long-held positions, and it started down the road to where we are today.
We have a plan.
It includes the Legacy Plan, which involves local partnerships, including the Port of Quincy. It includes the Quincy City Council, who to their credit, have agreed to get involved with reducing the warrant line. It includes a dialogue with three different health care agencies about creating a medical partnership that will address bringing back primary care services, recruitment and retention of medical staff, combining billing and charting services to help lower costs, and the list goes on.
Probably the best part is the positive message that is being articulated by the CEO, Glenda Bishop. It’s thoughtful, confident, credible, and, as my neighbor Lisa Karstetter so eloquently stated, it “finally gives me hope.”
Now it’s our turn.
I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t recognize the need for a hospital. Please join Marie and I and vote yes for Prop 1. It sends a message that we the community have confidence in the direction the hospital is going.
Please ask questions, we need to hold the hospital accountable, but let’s give them the vote of confidence to continue in this direction and keep a sustainable hospital in our community, for our families, for the next 50 years.
Thank you.
John Rylaarsdam,

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