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Posted on Oct 19, 2017

Letter to the editor: Working together on problem of stray cats

Three community organizations – Friends of Quincy Animal Shelter, Quincy Animal Shelter, and Quincy Veterinary Clinic – are partnering to help solve the city’s stray cat problem. The program is called Let’s Fix Six, and it will not cost the city or its citizens any money.
If you have a stray cat in your neighborhood, on Thursday, Oct. 12, or Friday, Oct. 13, call the shelter at 787-8010. Then on Oct. 17, with financial assistance from Friends of Quincy Animal Shelter, the Quincy Veterinary Clinic will spay or neuter six stray cats.
After their operation, the cats will be returned to the shelter. If the cats are friendly, a forever home will be found for them. If they are feral (wild), the shelter will contact farmers who have indicated a willingness to take feral cats for rodent control.
During spring time for the last three years, the nonprofit group Friends of Quincy Animal Shelter has offered vouchers that help pay for a large part of the cost of spaying or neutering cats and dogs. This year, 30 pets were fixed. Now, with all three groups working together, it is time to address the issue of too many stray cats. There are only six appointments available, so if you have a stray that could be fixed, be sure to call the shelter on Oct. 12 or Oct. 13. After you have made the call, your job is finished and the process of ridding Quincy of unwanted strays can begin.
Let’s Fix Six is not a quick or complete solution, but it is a beginning and it is a far more humane solution than letting an animal starve to death.
Penny Wininger, board of Friends of Quincy Animal Shelter,


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