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Posted on Aug 4, 2017

Letter to the editor: Workplace conflict and mediation

We hear again and again about former employees returning to their workplace and shooting to death former co-workers. When unresolved grievances and hurt feelings take over and fester in people’s thoughts and emotions, the result, too often, can be violence and death.
The Columbia Basin Dispute Resolution Center helps people resolve their workplace conflicts. We arrange for co-workers who aren’t getting along to sit down with two trained mediators who guide the co-workers through a safe, carefully designed process of negotiation. As they move through this process the co-workers are encouraged to listen to the other person’s concerns and feelings and to be open to new ways of looking at their situation.
In addition to providing personal mediation services to angry, stressed-out co-workers, the Columbia Basin Dispute Resolution Center offers communication skill workshops for office staff members. In these workshops, co-workers learn basic communication skills such as active listening, tone and manner of speech, the importance of respect in human interactions, etc. To learn more, call 1-509-760-0706.
Ron Moen, member, board of directors, Columbia Basin Dispute Resolution Center,

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