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Posted on Oct 10, 2017

Letter to the editor: Worley for mayor

Mr. Lybbert was going to leave the city of Quincy and sold his house couple of years back the reason he stayed here, he didn’t get the new job.
Can he do the Mayor job? Will he even stay here?
This really the kinda of mayor we need for Quincy?
Please don’t be fooled by Mr. Lybbert telling you how wonderful he is, please ask the city council members that served with him.
I served with him, he voted NO more times than I did when we served together on the city council.
He got zero, no votes to be reappointed to city council early this year.
Mr. Paul Worley is the current city council Mayor pro-tem.
He always been on the hardest committees on city council.
He has worked with city negotiators and state mediators on the city public works and police department contracts.
He has better attendance at city council meetings.
He loves the city of Quincy and went to school here.
Mr. Worley has been in the city of Quincy for 55 years which is about 3 times longer than Mr. Lybbert.
Experience and Common sense count for a next mayor.
I support Paul Worley for next mayor of the city of Quincy.
Keith Anstine
Chairman, City of Quincy planning commission board

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