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Posted on Oct 6, 2017

Letter to the editor: Worley for mayor

We had a mayor’s race that started out as a four-man race, all candidates had good points and concerns.
For the general election in November we have a two-man race. One of these candidates will guide the city for the next four years.
The city is growing at about 3 percent a year and in the next four years will face many challenges in public safety, streets, personnel and recreation. Two of the city’s biggest challenges will be water rights, water consumption, water reuse and treatment and discharge of industrial and domestic wastewater, to meet Department of Health standards. What are the candidates’ qualifications to handle these issues?
Candidate No. 1 Scott Lybbert has past council experience, is a Rotarian, did Christmas lighting and is artistic.
Candidate No. 2 Paul Worley has been a resident of Quincy for 55 years, has belonged to the Lions Club 10 years, is very active in the Wood For Food exchange with the Forks Lions Club, has been a city councilman for 16 years, mayor pro tem for eight years, served on many council committees, has been a member of the audit and finance committee so has a good understanding of city’s finances and budget, has vast experience in public works, having worked for the city in public works for eight years. The past 25 years has worked for various contractor operating the domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants, has a Class 3 wastewater treatment license, has a current health license for domestic water, so has a good understanding of critical issues facing the city today and in the future.
At this time I feel candidate No. 1 Scott Lybbert does not have the credentials, background or needed experience to lead the city the next four years.
Candidate No. 2 Paul Worley has the knowledge and experience to help lead the city through this critical time with water rights running short, the water reuse program for the data centers, regulations and deadlines for discharge of industrial and domestic sewer.
I wish Scott well, but my support and vote will be for Paul Worley. I encourage you to help elect Paul Worley as our next mayor.
Dick Zimbelman,

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