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Posted on Feb 2, 2016

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 28

Consider joining hospital foundation’s board, efforts
Dear Editor,
Our town of Quincy is growing and thriving and has been able to provide schools, library, fire department and the infrastructure needed in keeping with a modern town interested in the well-being of its citizens. There is one important area that has yet to be brought up to date, and that is in providing modern facilities and equipment needed to take care of the local citizenry’s healthcare needs.
Our local hospital facility is over 50 years old. The Quincy Valley Medical Center Foundation was created to help fill that gap by raising funds to purchase needed patient care equipment and educational opportunities for the staff.
The foundation, a nonprofit charitable organization (501c3), exists solely for the purpose of supporting Quincy Valley Medical Center. We currently host two fun fundraising events annually (golf tournament and trail run).
In addition to raising money for the hospital, we meet monthly to conduct business and to learn about the challenges and opportunities that exist for rural healthcare facilities. We feel that we could do more, and do what we do more effectively, with additional Foundation members.
This letter is being written to let you know that we are recruiting new members to aid in our work. We understand everyone leads busy lives but we hope some will consider spending a few hours monthly to support quality healthcare in our community.
If you can help, please call the administrative assistant at the hospital (Jennifer Gonzales at 787-5367) and we will return your call. Thanking you in advance for considering helping with this worthwhile cause. No age restrictions.

The Quincy Valley Medical Center Foundation
Jack Tobin, Carol Bryan, Jodi Davis,
Jennifer Bierlink, Linda Stadig, Larry Aliment, Janet Jones and Verna Teeter

Thanks a ton for helping with fundraising effort
Dear Editor,
Thanks a ton!
Youth Action Interact is so grateful for the generosity of our community. On Jan. 16, we recently “Attacked Hunger” with a door-to-door campaign, collecting items for our local food bank, and then on Jan. 18 collected items at our grocery stores and Shopko. Combining both days, you helped stock the shelves at the food bank to the tune of 1,825 pounds.
Then, on Jan. 21, as planned, Quincy Rotary Club members easily brought in over 175 pounds of rice to make the contributions over a ton.
So, thanks a ton for the ton of food everyone donated!
We especially owe a thank you to Quincy Market, Central Market, Akins and Shopko for allowing us to set up for donations at their locations and to those volunteers who manned the trucks on that snowy Saturday.
A special thank you also to Terri Laney and all her volunteers’ help for their dedication in organizing the food and operating the food bank. We gained a new appreciation for what they do on a weekly basis.
Our community is so lucky to have such a great food bank, and such generous individuals in our community.
Youth Action Interact & Advisors
Angie Aquino, president
Stephanie Navarro, vice president
Marissa Davila, treasurer
Ariana Armas, secretary
Helena Avalos, public relations
Diane McNay, advisor
Julie Fuller, advisor
Kaye Baumgartner, advisor
Trump is short of the decency, knowledge needed to lead
Dear Editor,
The appearance of Donald Trump on our national political scene is mind-boggling. We all know people who overestimate their abilities, thinking they’re capable of doing things completely beyond their competence. Mr. Trump strikes me as such a person. Where, in the depths of his bombastic mind and spirit, does he find the slightest bit of evidence that he is presidential material?
The only thing in those depths, it seems to me, is an embarrassing shortfall of decency when he speaks to and about other people, and an equally embarrassing shortfall of knowledge about how to deal with the incredibly complex national and international issues our country is facing. We need presidential candidates who are equipped to deal rationally, morally and collaboratively with these issues. Everything I’ve heard and seen in Mr. Trump tells me he is uniquely ill-equipped for the task.

Ron Moen, Quincy

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