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Posted on Aug 29, 2017

Quincy alum Farias to stay at BBCC hoops team

In the end, the allure of the beautiful game wasn’t strong enough to lure Johan Farias away from his first love.
The Quincy alum toyed with, but ultimately declined, an invitation to transfer to Skagit Valley Community College to play soccer, choosing instead to return to Big Bend Community College for a second year of college basketball.
In his first year, at BBCC, Farias saw limited playing time on a Viking team that reached the NWAC postseason.
The news of some of his friends choosing Skagit Valley over more nearby schools almost swayed Farias, but after visiting with Skagit Valley coaches and trying out for the soccer team, he decided to stay put.
“I went to Skagit and I went to the tryouts and I made the team and they wanted me to stay,” he said. “But just being there four days, I just wasn’t feeling it, so I’m going to head back to Big Bend and play basketball.”
Homesickness was part of it, Farias said, but a bigger factor was a lack of chemistry between himself and some of the Skagit coaching staff.
“My feeling was, I didn’t really want to play for that coach,” Farias said. “I don’t want to sound mean or anything, but he just didn’t sound or seem like a winner.”
With buddies and relatives at Skagit, it was not an easy decision for Farias, starting goalkeeper for the 2016 soccer team that finished second at state.
“They knew I was good,” he said of some of the Skagit staff players, “but the coach didn’t really show interest. He was like, ‘Whatever,’ because he already knew me. But the recruiting coach and the assistant coach really wanted me to stay. They were like, ‘We got a basketball team here, too. We can get you a tryout, too.’”
Asked why he didn’t get the same welcoming vibe from the head coach of the soccer team, Farias said that since they knew each other, perhaps the coach felt like he didn’t need to talk to him much.
“He talked to me but it was like, ‘Oh, I know him already. I know he is going to want to stay,’” the 19-year-old Farias said.
Workouts for next season at Big Bend start next month, with open gyms and pickup games.
“I’ve been working out a lot this summer, playing a lot,” said Farias, a future policeman. “I have seen myself getting faster, stronger, bigger.”
Saying no to Skagit Valley does not mean Farias is done with soccer.
“I still play a lot on the weekends, in the (regional) Mexican league,” he said. “I don’t know if I want to go anywhere with it, but I still play for fun.
“I love sports,” he said. “Any time I can get on a team, I’ll get on a team.”

 Sebastian Moraga,

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