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Posted on Dec 14, 2017

Quincy FFA travels for apple evaluation event

Eight members of the Quincy FFA traveled to Kennewick to compete for the first time in the Washington State FFA Apple Evaluation Career Development Event held at Tri Rivers Convention Center during the Washington State Horticultural Association annual meetings.
When all the points had been tallied, the Quincy Gold team came away with the sixth-place team plaque in a 28-team field in Quincy’s first foray into the Apple CDE, according to Quincy FFA.
Members competed in nine practicum areas.
Blemish Identification requires members to identify 11 common blemishes found on tree fruit, ranging from codling moth damage to pandemis leafroller damage on 50 fruit samples.
Variety Identification has members identify 25 samples of 13 varieties of apples and pears. Members grade 25 Red Delicious apples and 25 Golden Delicious apples based on Washington State Department of Agriculture standards for Washington Extra Fancy, Washington Fancy, and cull grades.
Members take a 25-question pesticide applicators test. Members also identify 20 harmful or beneficial insects from photo samples during the Entomology Identification practicum. Members have to determine fruit maturity based on bloom date and internal pressure determined with a penetrometer.
Tray Evaluation requires members to judge four trays of Reds and four trays of Goldens based on quality, uniformity and marketability.
The team of Pedro Pacheco, Taran Brown, Sheyla Gonzales, Hernan Gamboa and Gavin Sahli earned the sixth-place plaque. Also judging on Quincy Team 2 were Erin Brisbine, Rosey Combs and Ryan Smith.

By Post-Register Staff

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