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Posted on Apr 2, 2015

QVPR News: Deadline changing, new relocation guide is out

By Jill FitzSimmons

With the conversion of the Wenatchee World, our parent company, to a morning newspaper this week, readers of the Quincy Valley Post-Register also are going to experience some minor changes as well.
On Wednesday, the Wenatchee World unveiled its new morning edition. After nearly 108 years of afternoon delivery, the World will arrive at its readers’ doorsteps in the morning.
Here at the Post-Register, our deadline is late Wednesday morning, so often times the newspaper is on the racks and in stores by 5 p.m. that evening. However, with the transition to a morning publication at the World, that will no longer be possible.
The Post-Register will be delivered to the Quincy area on Thursday mornings when the World is also arriving in Quincy. The earliest you will be able to pick up a Post-Register at one of its dozen or so locations will be Thursday morning.
The changes do not affect home delivery. The Post-Register still will be delivered to Quincy and George in-city residents by 6 p.m. on Thursdays.
What does this all mean? It just means that the people who enjoy picking up the Post-Register on Wednesday evenings here at our office, post office or another business location won’t be able to do so anymore. However, with this switch, the newspaper will print later than our current printing time, so we hope to be able to include even more timely news and information.
In other Post-Register news, we recently completed the 2015-2016 Relocation & Resource Guide, which was co-sponsored this year by the Quincy Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Port of Quincy, two organizations working hard to add to and grow the strong, unique community that is the Quincy Valley.
That guide, which includes a chamber membership listing local businesses, is available here in the office as well as at the chamber, the Port of Quincy and various businesses around Quincy and Crescent Bar. Please pick up a copy.
The publication also includes demographic information about the area (Did you know Quincy is a young community, with a median age of 26?) as well as details about our history, schools, parks, local attractions and events, and other interesting facts (Did you know we only get 7.79 inches of rain a year?).
It is our goal that the guide will be used to show prospective businesses and residents what a wonderful community the Quincy Valley is.

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