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Community news for the Quincy, Washington, area since 1949

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Subscribe to the Quincy Valley Post-Register

The Quincy Valley Post-Register is delivered free in and around Quincy and George, Wash.

To have copies mailed to your address, in town or outside of the area, the charges are:

Grant County resident $35
Subscribers in Washington state $39
Snowbird rate (6 months in WA, 6 months out of state, non-city resident) $42
Partial snowbird rate (6 months out of state, city resident) $22
Outside Washington state $42
College student (9 month subscription) in Washington $30
College student (9 month subscription) outside Washington $32

Pick up a free copy of The Quincy Valley Post-Register at the following locations:

In Quincy:

  • The Quincy Post Office, 20 C St. SW
  • Akins Harvest Foods, 106 F St. SW
  • Quincy Market, 807 2nd Ave. SW
  • Quincy Deli Mart, 306 F St. SW
  • A-1 Shortstop, 710 10th Ave. SW
  • Shortstop, F St. and 3rd Ave.
  • Sunset Food Mart, 308 F St. SE
  • The Post-Register Office, 305 Central Ave.

In George:

  • Colonial Market, 207 W Montmorency Blvd.
  • Subway/George’s Country Place, 404 Frontage Road
  • Cenex, 226 Royal Anne Ave.

In Sunland (Memorial Day through Labor Day):

  • Sunland Estates store, 830 River Drive SW

In Crescent Bar:

  • Sunserra, 23572 Sunserra Loop NW