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Posted on Dec 5, 2019

A new editor takes the helm at the Post-Register

Hello Quincy Valley residents. I am excited to be taking over as editor of The Quincy Valley Post-Register. I have spent the last week shadowing Dave Burgess as editor and getting to know the Quincy community and the surrounding area.
A few things have become apparent to me in this short time.
The first is how close-knit the people here are and how much they value their local connections. I can already feel the love and pride in this place.
The second is that I will need to fill some sizable shoes. Dave has put a lot of effort and a lot of care into this weekly newspaper and created a lasting impact.

Quincy Valley Post-Register Editor Tony Buhr snowshoes near Lake Wenatchee in November, 2018.

I hope to preserve what he has created. It is clear to me how much people appreciate their newspaper as a snapshot of their community. People have close ties to the ink within the pages of the paper.
On my first day, Dave told me a story about how a school principal remembered writing a letter to Santa Claus that ran in the newspaper when she was a student. Now, she has the opportunity to help her students experience some Christmas magic for themselves.
It is that community feel and representation that I believe gives the Post-Register its value. I hope that this newspaper continues to keep its readers informed, engaged and connected.
I do suspect that some changes will occur with the newspaper over the next few months. It may change in appearance and our online presence should increase. Every editor also has their different style and voice.
But I hope these changes will enhance what the paper already offers and not subtract from it. If you have any concerns, though, or would just like to reach out and get to know me, please do not hesitate. I am available by email at or by phone at 509-787-4511.