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Posted on Apr 2, 2018

Akins shares ‘Fresh Moments’ video

John Akins Jr., of Akins Fresh Market in Quincy, got a fresh idea for some social media story-telling, and the result is a video planned for release on Thursday, March 29.
The video is a remarkable, engaging production, especially considering it was the first time Akins has made a video. He said his video skills are self-taught.
In a few minutes, the video tells the story of a customer, her business and her interaction with Akins Fresh Market in Quincy. The subject, caterer Lianne Sarty, talks through the video about her passion for cooking, how she started her business, called This and That Catering, and relies on Akins foods.
The video project was built on Akins’ desire to create social media content for the business and on how often socializing goes on there – a small-town grocery store is a place where neighbors and friends run into each other and chat. He also explained that his grandfather Arlis Akins started in business in Quincy a long time ago, in 1963, and had contact with many business people, local people who have wonderful stories to tell.
“We found a way to create content that told these great stories,” said John Akins Jr.
He said he met Sarty at a function of the Quincy Valley Chamber of Commerce, and she told him about her business and how she shops at Akins and interacts with the store’s meats manager and produce manager.
“It all kind of fell into place after that,” Akins said. “We didn’t know how we were going to tell that story, but we knew we wanted to tell that story.”
The result is the first in what Akins plans as a series of videos called “Fresh Moments” with different people. His goal is to do one a month at each of the company’s locations – there is an Akins store in Oroville, too. He said he wants to try to release new videos during the last week of every month and make them something that people can look forward to. People can also approach him with their stories for possible videos. Hopefully, people in the community enjoy them and share them, he said.
To see the video on YouTube, click here, or go to

By Dave Burgess,