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Posted on Dec 31, 2018

BBCC student body president is a Quincy grad

From pursuing continuing education, to a military career, from working at Gap to working through a gap year, today’s high school graduate has a dizzying array of choices.
Like many other high school graduates in Central Washington, Cydney Schaapman chose to attend college. She is happy with her choice: Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake. So far, it has been an easy transition.
“What I like best about Big Bend,” she said, “is the small classroom sizes, and the teachers’ willingness to help whenever needed.”

The Big Bend student body officers from left to right are: Secretary Laura Valenzuela, President Cydney Schaapman, Public Relations Director Leah Dougherty, Programming Director Brynn Brown, and Vice President Joshika Suresh.
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Cydney grew up in Quincy and graduated from Quincy High School. Coming from a family that includes six sisters, she dreamed of one day becoming a dentist.
“But now I am planning to be a nurse,” she said, “because I want to help newborn babies, as they make their way into the world.”
Big Bend Community College has been around since 1962. It occupies the site of the former Larson Air Force Base. BBCC has over 3,900 students. Ninety percent of students come from Washington, half of which are Moses Lake natives.
There are a variety of programs available, including trade and transfer options. In fact, “The most popular major is the direct transfer,” Cydney added, “and after graduation, the average student will do one of two things: If they went through a workforce education program, they will most likely enter the workforce. Otherwise, students will transfer to a university.”
Beyond her pre-nursing classes, Cydney is busy with an additional responsibility: BBCC Associated Student Body President. Her duties include: serving as chief executive and spokesperson of the entire student body; attending board of trustees meetings; ensuring that ASB officers and board members perform their duties; confirming that approved motions are carried out; and managing ASB business.
“I work with the ASB secretary to ensure proper attendance of other ASB executive officers at all meetings; events; committee meetings; etc.,” she continued. “There are also weekly office hours to fulfill. And I carry out any other duties assigned to me.”
In fact, Cydney recently had the chance to travel to Chicago. At APCA (Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities), “We got to watch great showcases, and listen to some amazing speakers.”
Cydney was not active in student government in high school. So, she appreciates having easy access to her new role at BBCC.
“Last year, I was the ASB secretary, and I really enjoyed it,” she said. “So when I was the only officer returning to school this year, I figured that serving as ASB president would be a good personal challenge.”
When asked for advice for current high school juniors and seniors, she shared this: “Don’t give up, even when you feel like you can’t go any farther in school. There is always a way. The teachers are there to help you, and will do what they can to see that you succeed in college.”
She paused, then explained.
“You meet so many new people, and make great connections when you are involved on campus. And I think Big Bend students are unique, because of this sense of community. It’s such a small college that people can become very engaged in things around campus, and take advantage of the great opportunities.”
She went on: “Students can come to Big Bend to start their college career, and avoid being overwhelmed by a huge university campus.”
What’s more, the ASB president is glad she chose to live on campus, as “it makes it easier, as I’m required to be here so much for events, committee functions, and meetings.”
“Being on ASB has really helped me grow as a person,” Cydney said happily.
It sounds like this is one hardworking student who has found her niche.

By Rachel DiLorenzo, For the Post-Register