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Posted on May 24, 2019

Brett Fancher selected as next athletic director

Brett Fancher, an Oroville man with Quincy ties (and neckties) will become the next athletic director of Quincy High School.
Fancher was chosen out of a pool of three finalists, which included Scott Carr, of Moses Lake, and Drew Edgerly, of Fremont, Calif.
He will replace Kaycie Tuttle, the school’s titular AD, and Mark Kondo, the associate AD who filled in for Tuttle after she became ill.
“Mr. Fancher excelled in every aspect of the selection process,” Quincy School District Superintendent John Boyd said in a press release. “(QHS Principal) Dr. (Marcus) Pimpleton and I feel he is the right person to support our athletes and coaches to great success.”
In the same release, Fancher, the former athletic director at Oroville, said he was excited to join the school district of Quincy, which is where his wife grew up.
“My wife, Michele and I are excited to be moving to Quincy to join the Quincy School District team,” Fancher said. “When we had the opportunity to meet the community, we were impressed with the outpouring of support we saw for Quincy schools. We look forward to meeting everybody, and can’t wait to get to work.”
The following are excerpts of an interview with Fancher during a meet-and-greet he and the two other finalists had with the Quincy community in early May.
On what attracted him to the job: “When you see a community willing to make this kind of investment, with the bond issue, the facilities, with creating an athletic-director position that is just an athletic director, that means that Quincy means business.
“That was a super big opportunity for me to lead an athletic department like this.”
On what he will expect of coaches as AD: “I’m gonna expect my coaches to be actively working with all grade levels.
“My vision is to have high school coaches involved with middle-level coaches, attending their games and being involved with the youth level.”
On how to build a pipeline of talent from youth level to high school level: “It takes communication, it takes trust, it takes building relationships with people and being able to communicate my vision.
“(The vision is something that states) ‘this is what we are here for and what we want to see.’ I’d like to say to parents of young kids: Don’t wait until your kids are of junior-high or high-school age before you get involved. In order to have a strong program, it really needs to start before your kids get involved.”
On how to achieve a better student-athlete balance: “When students come to me and say, ‘I’m going to not play sports so I can focus on my grades,’ that is a huge misconception.
“Being in sports teaches time management, it teaches self-discipline and it adds another adult to oversee what’s in the best interest of the kid. The research is clear, being involved in sports reduces dropout rates.”
On how an athletic director can help build a winner in Quincy: There’s a level of accountability that the AD needs to hold himself to, and then hold the coaches to.
“Spending a lot of time in practice and seeing how coaches coach, and fostering within coaches the idea of continued growth, going to coaches clinics.
“Whatever solution is out there, we will find them. My goal is to have an athletic department that is a model for other schools on ‘this is how we need to do it.’”

By Sebastian Moraga,

Brett Fancher, former athletic director at Oroville and now the next Quincy AD.
Sebastian Moraga/Post-Register