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Posted on Oct 27, 2017

Candidate Lybbert’s plan, if elected: Column

The big question is, “Which candidate can make Quincy a better place?”
You may know one, the other, or both candidates. Or possibly, you know neither and have only tons of rumors or signs to guide your choice. Maybe this will help.
Rumor Hooey #1 – Scott lacks support from city staff because he’s difficult: If true, there may be some who may have been offended by bold questions. At committee meetings, I sometimes disagreed or challenged our teams for more information. Government is known for moving slowly and I don’t like that reputation. As mayor, I hope to review processes and as a team identify more efficient procedures.
As a maintenance planner professionally, I pushed for a maintenance management software to manage critical work and inspections. The City has invested much into new infrastructure and equipment that needs timely maintenance. Our employees should feel confident knowing they are doing the right work at the right time. I love our city employees and apologize if I pushed more than what I should have as a councilman. As always, I truly appreciate their efforts.
Rumor Hooey #2 – Scott wants too much and will spend our city into the red: This whopper obviously came from someone that doesn’t know I am a diehard, money-saving, dollar-stretching, green-and- gold-bleeding workaholic that has no personal debt and will have my home paid off before retirement. At work, I lead our team of maintenance supervisors through a daily review of our work orders, inventory, labor and spending to help keep each of them within their budgets. I don’t believe in unnecessary spending unless our citizens have a project that is for the good of our community and our council approves it. Understand that when I say, “I want more” for Quincy, it doesn’t have to be millions of your hard-earned dollars. I turned farm scraps into a water fountain and paint and helping hands into murals. Even if my ideas for community projects were approved … being mayor does not give me a blank check. The city council needs a majority vote to approve both the budget and outside expenditures, not the mayor.
I look forward to polishing our community with many projects we can work on together; ideas coming from our own city council members, the chamber, schools, non-profits, service clubs … and you.
Because pride grows from invested sweat, those that participate … will want to protect it.
Imagine, focusing some of that money on a bunch of smaller and impactful projects like these:
• Weekly Q&A with citizens
• Live-stream council meetings
• Cheaper LED street lighting options
• Street lighting review to meet safety standards
• Criminal photos posted where citizens see best
• Increase police recruiting locally
• Work with chamber and businesses to build commerce
• Maintain downtown landscaping
• Auto bill-pay option
• Crosswalk medians to reduce 7 lane highway crossings to 3 lanes
• Highway 281 crosswalk to QCHC clinic
• Alternative downtown Central Avenue truck route
Finally, regarding campaign signs … I hate the clutter. I feel they are too expensive for an item that someday ends up in our landfill, so I chose to limit their placement.
Quincy will grow regardless of who becomes mayor. But how you vote will make a difference in how it grows. I fully support the projects our city currently has planned … but what are some little things we can do that can increase your family’s quality of life and pride?
I humbly ask that you allow me the honor to represent you and your families as mayor.

Scott Lybbert can be contacted at 509-289-8718 or