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Posted on Oct 27, 2018

County GOP leaders call for votes for Manweller: Column

By Grant County Republican Party Executive Board

Our 13th Legislative District legislator Matt Manweller has announced that he will serve out his current term, and if re-elected, he will resign his position after that election. This will assure that a conservative, Republican legislator can be appointed to continue to represent the values of a majority of 13th Legislative District voters.
Matt Manweller has not acknowledged any wrong-doing pertaining to the reasons cited in the report used by Central Washington University to terminate him as a tenured professor. In addition, there have been no charges filed in Idaho or any other state. The Grant County Republican Party holds fast to the fact that we are all presumed innocent until proven guilty. The allegations leveled against Representative Manweller appear to be designed to distract us from the real issues facing the voters during this critical election.
We also ask Republican voters in the 13th Legislative District to remain steadfast and cast their vote in November for Matt Manweller. This will allow the appointment of another Republican legislator that represents Eastern Washington values, to continue the fight against increased, crippling taxes; a representative who will support our Second Amendment rights and fight to bring back affordable health care.
The moral outrage expressed by so many certainly seems extremely hypocritical.
For the past 50 years, so many on the progressive side of society and politics have pushed for the destruction of our moral values. Sexual freedom has been glamorized and those who have stood for and taught the need for sexual purity have been chastised, minimized and ridiculed, while the chivalry of a gentleman is seen as sexual harassment. They have even claimed that young people can’t be expected to control their sexual appetites. Then, when young people make decisions in accordance with the “new ethic” promoted in curriculum, media and other cultural influences, these same folks who support these things, find it appropriate to judge individuals concerning such decisions (over two decades later as in this case).
Maybe it is time for our liberal friends to acknowledge that there are universal standards of right and wrong and our culture would be much healthier if we could stand together on such things.
Knowing that a cloud of accusations such as the one Matt Manweller and his family have lived under for months is wearing, stressful and destructive; we are in support of the decision they have made. We wish them the best for the future and thank Matt Manweller for the manner in which he has represented our legislative district.

Grant County Republican Party Executive Board: Barb Morgan, Danny Stone, Bob Lyons, Kenneth Jorgensen, Linda Bishop, Brent Bishop, Raeanne Journey, Pete Knittle