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Posted on Oct 19, 2018

Democrats’ power slips with Kavanaugh confirmed: Column

By Kathie King

Shame! Shame! Shame! That was the battle cry of the paid activists who cornered Republican senators far and wide recently. The trouble was, they had no shame. They had one purpose, to ruin and humiliate a man who was being accused of a sexual assault in high school 36 years ago. Accused by someone who had serious lapses in the corroboration of her story. When that didn’t fly like they thought it would, then there were the multiple gang rapes an accuser put forth, and on and on. Meanwhile, the delicate ladies in the crowds were hurling F bombs and news outlets were saying he shouldn’t be allowed near the young girls he coached on his daughter’s basketball team, something he took great pride and joy in, as many fathers in this country do.
On top of the uncorroborated accusations, Senator Spartacus moment Booker stated that even if he wasn’t guilty he should not be allowed on the Supreme Court bench because he didn’t grovel enough when hit with these accusations. In fact, he stood firm and emphatically denied the allegations. He didn’t fold and slink away as they had anticipated, simply because that was what anyone who was so viciously treated might do.
The Democratic Party’s rule from the bench is over. That ship has sailed. The Supreme Court will hold up the Constitution once again.
Now they want the American people to return them to power, promising to undo every accomplishment the Republican administration has put forth, whether it has benefitted the American people or not. It matters not that tariffs are being brought into line to benefit the United States, taxes have been lowered, regulations that have hindered the economy have been revamped or eliminated, new deals have been made that have gotten results without costing us billions of dollars, instead, saving us billions of dollars. The stock market is at an all-time high, unemployment is at an all-time low. Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and even the suburban women who march for anything the progressive left rallies them to support are seeing better job opportunities.
The biggest threat to the left is there are tens of thousands of well-paying jobs now for those who do not have a college education. That hits the liberal educational institutions in the pocket book and cuts down on the young minds they can promote their socialist ideology to. That is one of the biggest threats of all to the progressive Democratic Party.
The Democrats are also threatening to impeach Justice Kavanaugh whether that is possible to do or not. They want to eliminate the Electoral College, which would give the rule to a few counties in the United States over 92 percent of the rest of us.
The military is finally being rebuilt, and our service men and women have received a much deserved raise. Our veterans are being given the medical and psychological attention they have sorely been denied for years.
To preserve our liberty and freedom, everyone who can legally vote needs to vote on November 6th. We cannot be complacent or we will be returned to the “you have to pass this bill if you want to know what is in it” rule of the Democratic Party. That is on the local, state and national level. Do not forget the chaos and mob rule that we have witnessed. Do not be complacent and forget … I certainly won’t.

Kathie King is a resident of Quincy.