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Posted on Nov 6, 2018

Early election tallies show close races

Early vote tallies in the General Election on Nov. 6 show close contests for two seats on the Grant PUD Commission, and the race for Grant County Commissioner No. 3 is also a close contest.

In the Grant PUD commissioner races, challenger Judy Wilson held a small lead over incumbent Terry Brewer in the race for the District 1 seat, and Nelson Cox held a small lead over Patti Paris for the seat vacated by outgoing Commissioner Bob Bernd.

Cindy Carter held a small lead over challenger Jeff Foster on Tuesday night in the election for the Grant County Commissioner No. 3 seat.

In the first vote tally in Grant County on Tuesday night in the race for State Representative Position 2 in Legislative District 13, challenger Sylvia Hammond garnered substantially fewer votes than incumbent Matt Mattweller. Legislative District 13 extends into Kittitas and Lincoln counties, so votes in those areas will also be counted. The overall vote tally for the office on Tuesday night had Manweller with 21,007 votes, or 64.49 percent, and Hammond with 11,567 votes, or 35.51 percent. The percentages district-wide were fairly close to the percentages within Grant County.

In the voting for Grant County treasurer, incumbent Darryl Pheasant held a small lead over challenger Casey Cooper.

There are still a lot of votes to count. The next ballot count numbers will be available Wednesday evening. The county certifies voting results on Nov. 27.

Here are tallies in contested races of local interest available Tuesday night. Candidates’ names are followed by votes received in the county and percentage of total, not including write-ins.


Grant County Assessor

Melissa McKnight, R-Ephrata: 11,114, 61.7%

Scott Schmig, R-Moses Lake: 6,900, 38.3%


Grant County Auditor

Michele Jaderlund, R-Ephrata: 11,995, 67.11%

James (Jim) Liebrecht, R-Moses Lake: 5,878, 32.89%


Grant County Commissioner No. 3

Cindy Carter, R-Royal City: 9,445, 52.84%

Jeff Foster, R-Moses Lake: 8,430, 47.16%


Grant County Sheriff

Tom Jones, R-Moses Lake: 16,651, 83.69%

Myriam Villagran Diaz, D-Soap Lake: 3,244, 16.31%


Grant County Treasurer

Darryl Pheasant, no party-Ephrata: 10,055, 52.13%

Casey Cooper, R-Moses Lake: 9,234, 47.87%


Grant County PUD Commissioner, District 1

Judy Wilson: 9,946, 54.75%

Terry Brewer: 8,221, 45.25%


Grant County PUD Commissioner, B

Patti Paris: 8,845, 48.59%

Nelson Cox: 9,358, 51.41%


Legislative District 13, State Representative, Position 1 (Grant County results only)

Tom Dent, R-Moses Lake: 13,959, 78.61%

Jesse Hegstrom Oakey, D-Ellensburg: 3,799, 21.39%


Legislative District 13, State Representative, Position 2 (Grant County results only)

Matt Manweller, R-Ellensburg: 11,856, 67.52%

Sylvia Hammond, D-Ephrata: 5,704, 32.48%


Legislative District 12, State Representative, Position 1 (Grant County results only)

Ann Diamond, no party-Winthrop: 788, 35.75%

Keith Goehner, R-Dryden: 1,416, 64.25%

(Districtwide, Goehner had 58%)


Legislative District 12, State Representative, Position 2 (Grant County results only)

Valerie Sarratt, D-Twisp: 617, 27.83%

Mike Steele, R-Chelan: 1,600, 72.17%

(Districtwide, Steele had 66%)


State Initiative 1631 (Grant County results only)

Yes: 3,585, 18.3%

No: 16,005, 81.7%

(Statewide, the No votes equal 56%)

State Initiative 1634 (Grant County results only)

Yes: 14,474, 71.64%

No: 5,731, 28.36%

(Statewide, the Yes votes were 54%)

State Initiative 1639 (Grant County results only)

Yes: 6,316, 31.24%

No: 13,900, 68.76%

(Statewide, the Yes votes were 61%)

State Initiative 940 (Grant County results only)

Yes: 7,775, 38.86%

No: 12,232, 61.14%

(Statewide, the Yes votes were 60%)


U.S. Senator (Grant County results only)

Maria Cantwell: 5,811, 28.78%

Susan Hutchison: 14,383, 71.22%


Congressional District 4 U.S. Representative (Grant County results only)

Dan Newhouse: 15,109, 75.08%

Christine Brown: 5,014, 24.92%


By Dave Burgess,