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Posted on Jul 13, 2018

A family tradition grows in George

Twenty years ago, Sammamish’s Kim Carey began showing up at George, not knowing that she was starting a family tradition.
Her kids were little back then. Now they are almost 30, and every summer in between, they can count a trip to George, from the place their family owns in Crescent Bar.
“Uninterrupted,” she said. The kiddos skipped this year, because one of them is getting married this month, but still, the Careys sent a big delegation to Grant County.
“We have had groups of over 25 here before, when the kids were young,” said Carey.
She brought a handful of people this time around. She said that she would miss the small-town feel of George on the Fourth if she were ever to skip the trip.
On the 20th anniversary of her first trip to George on the Fourth of July, Carey hit another mile-stone.
A regular participant in the Cherry Bomb Run, Carey finished the 2K run in under 30 minutes, a first for her.
“Personal best,” she said, “pretty exciting.”
Her training for the walk involves a lot of walking, she said, adding that she has been trying to lose weight this year, with good results.
“I lost over 90 pounds this year,” she said. “I have been trying to walk five to seven miles a day.”
Her husband, sister-in-law and brother ran, as well. Her sister arrived a few seconds after Carey, and she had both Carey and her dog Nelson cheering her on as she crossed the finish line.
Now that the healthy part of the schedule was done with, Carey said she looked forward to some good ol’ fashioned entertainment, courtesy of a small town throwing a big party.
“Cherry pie, the fireworks at night, and everything,” she said. “It’s really amazing.”

By Sebastian Moraga,