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Posted on Sep 13, 2019

Fireworks are no-go again this year on FCAD

The spectacular fireworks show that local folks and visitors on Farmer-Consumer Awareness Day have come to expect will not happen this year. That was the latest word from the show’s organizer, Kent Bacon, on Monday, Sept. 9. FCAD is Sept. 14.
“A monkey wrench got thrown into the works,” Bacon said.
Bacon and a club-like group he belongs to, Northwest Pyrotechnics Association, for a number of years have shot fireworks into the sky near or in Quincy in conjunction with FCAD. The shows made an exciting finish to the day of FCAD activities for thousands of people.
But this is the second year in a row that the fireworks had to be canceled about a week before the big event. Both times the cancellations were linked to city permits.
Last year, Quincy issued a permit close to FCAD, but limitations in the permit would have put the pyrotechnic artists out of compliance with federal rules, Bacon said. After that, he looked outside of Quincy for a location to shoot the fireworks in 2019.
He said his first choice was for one of three farms whose owners had said the fireworks would be welcome on their property. But the timing of crops did not work out. So, Bacon went with another location, south of George’s community park, expecting to be able to shoot fireworks there as he and NPA had done before.
But, Bacon said on Sept. 9, the city of George did not approve the permit request, to his great surprise.
George’s mayor, Gerene Nelson, said a fireworks application was received, but it was for dates outside of those approved in city code.
“Anything outside code has to go before the council” in order to ask for an exception, Nelson said.
Only the city council could grant an exception to allow the fireworks on FCAD, and the council meets only once a month. The next council meeting is on Sept. 17 – after FCAD.
Bacon expressed disappointment in not getting to do an FCAD fireworks show.
“A lot of the time and work and effort is done trying to get ready for it,” he said, “and a couple days before it gets canceled.”
Will Bacon try again next year?
“We are sure hoping to,” he said, adding that he and NPA would start the process earlier.

Editor’s note: This article is an update to the article inside the Farmer-Consumer Awareness Day special section that is inside this edition of the Post-Register. As the FCAD section went to press, Kent Bacon planned on a fireworks show in George.

By Dave Burgess,