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Posted on May 20, 2019

George Community Hall roof slated to receive state funds

Since 1964, the Community Hall in George has hosted birthdays, musical events and much more under its roof.
Last year, the roof was found to be failing and in need of replacement. Fundraising began right away.
An early estimate of the cost of the roof work needed was about $70,000.
In March 2018, Debby Kooy who is the treasurer of the George Community Hall board, was not feeling happy.
“So far we have accumulated $615 – a drop in a big bucket,” she said.
Substantial donations did come in over time, but later, when an engineering firm studied the building, the cost of repairs shot up to an estimated $250,000.
On May 5, a good thing happened, a saving grace: The state capital budget bill passed both the House and the Senate and contained funding for the George hall, according to an email from Kooy. Governor Inslee had yet to sign it, but was expected to do so.
Representatives Judy Warnick and Alex Ybarra had worked toward making the Community Hall project a part of the budget.
If all goes well, the George Community Hall roof project will receive $201,000 from the state and the hall board will match that with $55,000 based on donations.
The optimal time for the repair work is during dry weather, in late summer. The plan at this point is to get the demolishing and rebuilding started on July 5 and finish by the end of September.
The engineering firm for the project is Gray & Osborne, of Yakima, and, according to Kooy, the firm says the project can be finished within the timeframe.
The roof is not the only thing requiring attention. According to Kooy, the first two courses of the cinderblock of the building have to be reinforced to support the weight of the new roof structure.
The roof project will have a snowball effect on the entire building; many things will have to be redone. This will require more money. The fundraising continues so the building can be properly restored.
On May 10, the Quincy Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a golf tournament to benefit both the Quincy hospital and the George Community Hall. The Georgettes were present to help in accepting donations for the roof project as well as the annual Fourth of July celebration, which costs about $15,000 annually, according to Kooy.
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By Jaana Hatton, For the Post-Register