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Posted on Aug 3, 2018

Getting to know the candidates: Casey Cooper

The primary election is on Aug. 7, and the General Election is Nov. 6. This candidate supplied a photo and answers to a set of questions posed by the Post-Register.

Casey Cooper

Casey Cooper
Candidate for Grant County Treasurer, a four-year term.

Why are you running for office?
The Treasurer’s office has long had a reputation for poor service to the public, and more recently, poor cooperation and communication with the other county offices and taxing districts. I hope to bring the necessary leadership to solve those problems as well as returning an attitude of servant-hood that should be evident in a public servant.

What are the largest issues to deal with in the office?
The Treasurer’s office has been accused of providing poor and inconsistent quality of service. The Treasurer has been accused of not communicating or cooperating well with the other county officers and taxing districts. Both of these issues stem from poor leadership and cost the county, municipalities, and the people of this county, time and money. I have the leadership experience to bring service back and work with the other county officers and taxing districts to provide the quality services that our county deserves.

How would your service in office affect the Quincy Valley?
I would improve the customer service experience and work toward implementing electronic title transfer and electronic recording, as well as working to eliminate the fees related to electronic pay-ments. All of these things are available in nearby counties and are not cost prohibitive.

What are your top qualifications for the office?
I have BA in Business Administration with a minor in Coaching. This uniquely qualifies me as an administrator and mentor for the office staff. I have also been teaching the principles of servant leadership to young men for 21 years through the Royal Ranger program. I am a Navy veteran and have served as Fire and EMS incident command. All organized leadership courses teach that the span of control for a leader is 5-8 people. The idea of an elected treasurer that does the daily office work along with the other employees is antithetical to good leadership, and is most likely why the office has the problems we are currently having to deal with.

What else would you like Quincy Valley voters to know?
I plan to mentor and train the current office staff in the art and skill of servant-leadership. I plan to modernize the office to make paying taxes less painful and more convenient, and to have a consistent, positive dialog between myself and the other county officers. I want to work with the Assessor and the Auditor to improve the flow of work through our offices, to bring the offices into the age of electronic filing and recording, and to find the most cost effective way to do these things that will serve the community better. I want to come up with a unified proposal between all the offices that will meet those needs, for the approval of the County Commissioners.

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