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Posted on Dec 10, 2015

Girls basketball seeks fast pace this season

Cory Medina heads into his second season at the helm of the Lady Jacks basketball program with higher numbers across the board, including 25 freshmen. The high turnout allowed Medina to hire a fourth coach and pick up a second C-squad team.
Medina is building the program and looks forward to the season after playing games across North Central Washington this past summer.
“I’m excited,” he said. “They’re coming along great. They are seeing it.”
The Lady Jacks lost 43-34 at Othello on Tuesday, bringing their season record to 0-3.
The players are seeing Medina’s vision on where he wants his program and the varsity to be in the near future, Medina said. At the end of the last season he surveyed his players and they asked for more conditioning.
Wish granted.
Medina is looking to keep up the tempo on the court, which means conditioning fits right into his daily practice routine. The idea is to push the ball down the floor and the ball upcourt hard to wear out their opponents.
“That’s why we run so much,” Medina said. “We want to straight wear them down. Hopefully get (past them) while they are all jogging back.”
The point guards entering the season are seniors Siria Avila and Kaitlin Ramsey. They have different styles of play, but both complement the team.
“Siria is great at pushing it forward. She will take two dribbles and get it up there,” said Medina. “So Siria fits right in there.
“Ramsey is more of a shooting guard,” Medina said. “Siria will shoot, but likes to pass more and Ramsey looks to shoot.
“They will go back and forth.”
The other guards are senior Maribel Alejandrez and juniors Erica Camacho, Alysha Donovan and Rachel Faw.
Alejandrez may be one to watch throughout the season.
“She can go off when she is confident and ready,” Medina said. “She can his shots. It’s just getting her confident.”
He echoed the need for confidence for the junior guards. He said Camacho and Donovan are more outside shooters, while Faw is more comfortable driving.
“If I can get them to win a game or two early they will get the confidence,” Medina said. “Those juniors are good shooters.”
He also has a three-pack of hybrid posts in seniors Elizabeth Nielson and Heidi Bishop, as well as junior Natalie Thomsen.
“Liz will play anywhere, Nat will play up and down,” Medina said. “Liz and Nat are more dynamic and Bishop is more of a post. Nat, Bishop and Liz are some of the fastest girls out there.”
He also has two junior posts in Mashayla Schaapman and Maggie Buenrostro. Medina said these two are straight post players.
With five physical players down low and more speed across the floor, Medina views his defense as one of the more improved areas on the team.
“We redid our defense,” he said. “We are a lot more aggressive and a little more vocal.”
Medina admits there is not a go-to player on the court this year. Yet he does have some scorers on the roster.
“I’m hoping the scoring comes from everywhere,” he said.


— By Kurtis J. Wood, QVPR constributor