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Posted on Nov 15, 2018

Grant PUD commissioner seat might still be in play

As the ballot counting continues in Grant County, the closest race among the local offices up for election Nov. 6 is for a seat on the Grant PUD board of commissioners. Nelson Cox and Patti Paris are running for Commissioner B, and in the latest tally, only 535 votes separate the candidates.
Neither candidate in the race for Commissioner B is the incumbent; the seat is being vacated by Commissioner Bob Bernd, who did not run for re-election.
The first ballot count, on Nov. 6, had Cox with a narrow lead with 51.4 percent of the total, while Paris had 48.6 percent. In the second tally, the gap narrowed, with Cox at 51.2 percent and Paris at 48.8 percent.
In the latest ballot count, available Tuesday, Nov. 13, Cox maintained his lead, with the percentages holding very nearly the same. Time – and outstanding ballots – are running out for Paris in this race.
In other races, there is little chance of results changing in the final tally. According to the county elections office estimate, there were 500 ballots left to count as of Nov. 13.

The local ballot box in Quincy.
File photo

The other Grant PUD commissioner race appeared to be won by Judy Wilson in the most recent tally, as her total gave her a 2,243-vote advantage over Terry Brewer.
Another close Grant County race, for treasurer, has remained close in counts following Election Day. Incumbent Darryl Pheasant maintained a small lead over Casey Cooper in the latest count, with a margin of 1,172 votes.
In the election of Grant County Commissioner No. 3, incumbent Cindy Carter maintained her lead over challenger Jeff Foster, with percentages remaining close to the percentages in the first tally. In the latest count, Carter had 1,459 votes more than Foster.
Voter turnout in Grant County was 64.5 percent, according to the elections office as of Tuesday. The county certifies voting results on Nov. 27.
Below are tallies in contested races of local interest available on Nov. 13, the latest before the Post-Register’s press time. Candidates’ names are followed by votes received in the county and percentage of total, not including write-ins.

Grant County Assessor
Melissa McKnight: 14,068, 61.71%
Scott Schmig: 8,730, 38.29%

Grant County Auditor
Michele Jaderlund: 15,255, 67.49%
James (Jim) Liebrecht: 7,347, 32.51%

Grant County Commissioner No. 3
Cindy Carter: 12,042, 53.22%
Jeff Foster: 10,583, 46.78%

Grant County Sheriff
Tom Jones: 20,726, 81.63%
Myriam Villagran Diaz: 4,665, 18.37%

Grant County Treasurer
Darryl Pheasant: 12,887, 52.38%
Casey Cooper: 11,715, 47.62%

Grant County PUD Commissioner, District 1
Judy Wilson: 12,694, 54.85%
Terry Brewer: 10,451, 45.15%

Grant County PUD Commissioner, B
Patti Paris: 11,357, 48.85%
Nelson Cox: 11,892, 51.15%

Legislative District 13, State Representative, Position 1 (Grant County results)
Tom Dent: 17,446, 76.64%
Jesse Hegstrom Oakey: 5,319, 23.36%
(Districtwide, Dent had 71.9%)

Legislative District 13 Representative, Position 2 (Grant County results)
Matt Manweller: 14,745, 65.61%
Sylvia Hammond: 7,730, 34.39%
(Districtwide, Manweller had 61.5%)

Legislative District 12 Representative, Position 1 (Grant County results)
Ann Diamond: 1,023, 37.09%
Keith Goehner: 1,735, 62.91%
(Districtwide, Goehner had 56.8%)

Legislative District 12 Representative, Position 2 (Grant County results)
Valerie Sarratt: 792, 28.55%
Mike Steele: 1,982, 71.45%
(Districtwide, Steele had 64.8%)

Congressional District 4 U.S. Representative (Grant County results)
Dan Newhouse: 18,834, 73.14%
Christine Brown: 6,917, 26.86%
(Districtwide, Newhouse had 64.4%)

State Initiative 1631 (Grant County results)
Yes: 4,892, 19.45%
No: 20,257, 80.55%
(Statewide, No had 56.5%)

State Initiative 1634 (Grant County results)
Yes: 18,390, 71%
No: 7,512, 29%
(Statewide, Yes had 55.6%)

Offices with single candidates
State Senator, Legislative District 13
Judy Warnick, 18,686, 100%

Grant County Clerk
Kimberly A. Allen, 19,909, 100%

Grant District Court Judge 3
Tyson R. Hill, 17,393, 100%

Grant County Coroner
Craig Morrison, 20,192, 100%

Grant County Prosecutor
Garth Dano, 19,468, 100%

Grant District Court
Judge 1
Brian Barlow, 17,952, 100%

Grant District Court
Judge 2
Janis Whitener-Moberg, 18,599, 100%

By Dave Burgess,