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Posted on Sep 6, 2019

Household hazardous waste event planned

Grant County residents may dispose of household hazardous waste for free on Saturday, Sept. 14, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Grant County Road District 2 Shop, 12171 Road 3 NE (Wheeler Road) near Moses Lake. This event is for waste generated by households only.
Hazardous products have labels with words such as warning, danger, caustic, flammable, and poison, according to a press release. These chemicals should be disposed of through hazardous waste collection opportunities; not in the garbage, down the drain, or on the ground. Examples include: oil-based paint, contaminated used automotive oil, paint thinner, rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries, aerosols, solvents, brake fluid, drain openers, pesticides, herbicides, mercury-containing products such as thermostats and thermometers, swimming pool chemicals, and hobby chemicals. Participants may also bring a maximum of 10 mercury-containing lights such as CFLs, fluorescent tubes, and HID bulbs per person.
Latex paint, propane tanks, automotive oil, and automotive batteries will not be accepted. Other unacceptable items include: empty containers, agricultural waste, commercial waste, explosives, ammunition, asbestos, radioactive material, unknown cylinders, Poison A gases, refrigerant compressors, leaking containers, elemental mercury, containers larger than 5 gallons, incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, and white goods (appliances and televisions), according to a press release.
Some items may be rejected based on cost of disposal or for transportation issues. Products should be brought in original labeled containers if possible. Pack the waste to prevent spills during transportation and keep the waste away from passenger compartments of vehicles, according to a press release.
For more information, call Grant County Solid Waste at 754-6082.

Post-Register Staff