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Posted on Aug 24, 2019

Ideas for a newcomer to make Quincy home: Column

By Bonnie Kniveton

This is in response to the letter from Shannon ltes concerning the Small Town Mommas. It made me feel sad to read about her feeling of exclusion in Quincy. I have given this issue a great deal of thought. That’s why it has taken me so long to respond. I even talked to other people to gather some ideas of groups where she would feel welcomed. Here are a few that have come to mind.

  1. Find a church where you feel welcome. Visit different churches and select one where you feel comfortable.
  2. Since you have a 3 year old, perhaps one of the preschools would be a place for both of you to make connections. There are two in Quincy, one at the Lutheran Church and one at the Quincy Free Methodist Church.
  3. When my grandchildren were little, my daughter took them to visit the residents at the convalescent center. There isn’t a convalescent center in Quincy anymore, but there is The Cambridge, an assisted-living facility. You and your son may be the bright spot in someone’s day if you were to go there to visit.
  4. There is a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group that meets at the Quincy Free Methodist Church. They will be starting their fall session on October 1.
  5. The library has Storytime as well as other events for children.
  6. The Recreation Department has an open playtime for children accompanied by parents during the winter.
    At one time, I’ve discovered, there was a Welcoming Committee/Welcome Wagon group in Quincy. However, it wasn’t in operation when I moved here 40 years ago. I have talked to some people about the possibility of organizing a group to welcome people to our community. Perhaps this could be a Make a Difference Day project. Maybe that is something Shannon would be interested in being involved in. She could undoubtedly make some welcoming suggestions. As the coordinator for the Quincy Make a Difference Day, I’m always looking for projects and people to organize them. Shannon, your ideas would make a difference in the lives of other newcomers to Quincy.
    It saddens me to hear that your son is being treated in a rude manner by other children. However, we know children can be cruel, and yes, they learn that from their parents. Ultimately, you are the one setting the example for your son. He may not understand at this time, but one day, he will. Keep the faith and set a positive example for him.
    My final suggestion is to keep going in spite of the Small Town Mommas. Hold your head high and keep a positive attitude. I’ve had to do that many times myself since living in Quincy. I hope this is helpful. If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to call me. I’m in the phone book.

    Bonnie Kniveton is a resident of Quincy.