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Posted on Oct 20, 2018

Letter to the editor: Brewer, Paris best for PUD

Brewer, Paris best for PUD
Don’t let large irrigators hijack your PUD. The two challengers were chosen by a PAC of the largest irrigators who’ve injected over $80,000 into their campaigns. Why? They want complete control of the Board in order to keep the huge subsidy in their electric rates. There are currently three irrigators on our board of five who together could have overturned any policies now in place. They didn’t. These candidates would see that we continue to subsidize large irrigators who are enjoying rates over forty percent below the cost to serve them. We other rate payers subsidize their rates. Current policy would gradually move them up to the same as residential and small business rate payors at twenty percent below cost.
The best qualified candidate is Terry Brewer. His knowledge, experience and leadership skills are unmatched among PUD commissioners in Washington. When he meets with state and national representatives he is well known and respected. His peers in the industry have elected him to very responsible positions. While he does go south for a couple months in the winter, he participates in every meeting via phone, and flies home on his own dollar to be present at one of our two meetings those few months.
Patti Paris is a life-long county resident who retired as the CFO of a large ag-oriented business with over 500 employees. She was their main liaison with the PUD. She also worked at the PUD in leadership positions prior to leaving to become CFO of Columbia Colstor. She will represent all rate payors fairly and with integrity.
The PUD is a large, complex business. We need a balanced, unbiased board of well qualified persons prepared to meet the challenges ahead. Join me in voting for Patti Paris and Terry Brewer.
Bob Bernd, retiring commissioner,
Moses Lake