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Posted on Oct 17, 2018

Letter to the editor: Grant PUD needs new commissioners

Grant PUD needs new commissioners
Our P.U.D. is $1.3 billion in debt ($26,000 per meter) and adding to that every day. Our current commissioners have claimed the debt is due to relicensing the dams and upgrades to the turbines. I will ask one question. How come you haven’t set aside money from the sale of power the past 60 years for the relicense and upgrades and any other maintenance to the dams? I say in a budget meeting and listened to P.U.D. General Manager Kevin Nordt say the P.U.D. debt was healthy and we can spread the debt over multiple generations. Really? Mr. Nordt, do you buy a house and let your kids and grandkids pay it off? Commissioners of Grant P.U.D. have let the debt get out of hand and want to pass this big debt off to our kids and grandkids. I think we need to elect commissioners that want to pay down the debt and pass a P.U.D. down to future generations that we can all be proud of. Not just a lot of debt.
Vote for a change this November.
Vote for Judy Wilson District 1 and Nelson Cox B at-large.
Gerald (Spud) Brown,
Royal City