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Posted on Jul 28, 2017

Letter to the editor: Not so peaceful

I typically do not voice out my opinions when it comes to politics or religion, but I feel compelled to share my thoughts on Nancy Heffernan’s letter, from the June 29 issue, titled “Not an ideology of world domination.”
I have to agree, that many view Muslims as a whole as dangerous terrorists instead of the peace-loving people they claim to be and with good reason. Do I believe all Muslims share the same views? No. And those very same Muslims could be killed for merely thinking differently, according to their Quran.
It’s sad and disturbing to me that an entire country is indoctrinated through fear that they are a peace-loving people.
Nancy Heffernan claimed to have taught, lived in and visited various Muslim countries, in which I have no doubts, but during any of those time periods, I wonder, did she ever actually read the Quran?
I have listened to many Muslims tell their stories of how they escaped their countries and found Christianity, living in fear that someday they’d be caught and killed for their unforgivable sin. If you have to escape your country and change your religion out of complete fear, God Himself couldn’t convince me that it was a “peace-loving” religion.
The radical groups ISIS/ISIL claim numerous lives each day, performing terroristic acts that most people can’t imagine, whether it be a vicious tyrant shooting and killing of his own people or something violent from one’s own evil whims and temptations while screaming Allahu akbar. How does this sound peaceful to anyone?
Don’t get me wrong. Christianity has been barbaric as well throughout the centuries. Biblical scripture speaks of stoning prostitutes (burning, if they are a son or daughter of a priest), and stoning children for disobeying their parents. Then there were the witch trials, Spanish Inquisition and Christian Crusades, to name a few. However, the Christian religion has evolved, whereas some third-world countries are still training 7-year-olds to kill “infidels.”
No one religion is a perfect religion. I myself, am not Christian. I am however, extremely spiritual, and I strongly encourage anyone who’s going to defend a country and their religious standings to utilize the internet, library and religious texts to gain an accurate perspective which collates with past and current events of that country.
Jacki Dickerson,