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Posted on Oct 15, 2018

Letter to the editor: Re-elect Jaderlund as auditor

Re-elect Jaderlund as auditor
During the past four years under Michele Jaderlund’s leadership, the day to day operations of the Auditor’s Department have changed in a very positive way and are much more forward thinking regarding the needs of the citizens of Grant County.
In both the licensing and recording departments, because of her depth of knowledge, the ease of obtaining necessary documents and license materials has greatly improved. The staff is attentive and efficient to the point of receiving recognition from the state of Washington for giving the public outstanding service.
With regards to election security, Michele strongly feels that ensuring public trust and implementing procedures that protect us from voter fraud is essential. The staff has received extensive training under her guidance as it relates to signature verification and election security. She firmly believes that constant monitoring is required to ensure the integrity of elections and has implemented checks and balances to assure the election process is transparent and credible.
Michele has also improved the efficiency and reporting systems within the accounting department. Monthly balancing with the Treasurer’s Department has provided a better and more timely accounting of public funds. This was a major goal of hers in the first term. During her tenure, by reassigning and realigning the accounting department, she has saved the county $210,000 over the last four years.
Michele and her staff have worked very hard to make the department under the Auditor’s scope of service more consumer efficient and transparent. She has an amazing work ethic, and her staff can count on her being in the office and present for support and leadership. The office of Grant County Auditor is an elected position that she takes very seriously.
Maintaining an experienced auditor is crucial. Please join me in supporting Michele Jaderlund for re-election as Grant County Auditor. She provides leadership and experience that citizens of Grant County need in this essential position.
Patricia M. Hunter,