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Posted on Aug 29, 2019

Letter to the editor: Cue the music

As Mike Rowe would say, “cue the music Lucien, this is going to be great”! Happy days are here again … the prodigal governor of Washington state is “back in town” and planning on running for a third term. He wants to continue his “good works” for the citizens of Washington since no one was interested in him as a presidential candidate. He did accumulate a small “war chest” of donations which he is going to “follow the law” in using in the future when he was asked if he was going to reimburse the citizens of the state to the tune of over a half million dollars for his WSP security detail. (I’ll bet they carried guns). You know and I know he will spend it on his campaign for re-election. Is the Westside ready for the income tax, climate change taxes and Lord knows what else he is going to push next election? The Eastside is not, and unless the do-gooders in King and Pierce County are fed up with the tents, poop and needles, we will be screwed over again. He is as egotistical as there has ever been. It is sad those two counties rule the rest of us. Taxes might not matter to them but possibly filth and crime will.
While we are at it, just think, California, New York and a couple more states could control the rest of the country if there wasn’t an electoral college. They could force their PC culture, their ideas of how we should live our lives (it is working so well for them) on the rest of us just like Washington and Oregon residents are being forced to abide by what Seattle/King County, Portland/Multnomah County voters decide is best. Until the rest of these states’ population decide we have had a bellyful of the ignorant ideas they come up with and band together to “primary” them, we are subject to any whim they decide to enforce. Look at what our own Democratic state legislature has pulled on us this last legislative session? They have shafted us … gone against what the people of Washington voted for. Check it out.
BTW, Governor Inslee, I do not want Washington to be a sanctuary state.
Kathie King,