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Posted on Jul 6, 2019

Democratic candidates seem out of touch with America: Column

By the time this hits the newspaper we will all have experienced the 4th of July holiday. How many people did you see who were “suffering” from the horrors of living in the greatest country in the world? How many do you see every day who don’t enjoy A-C, flipping a switch and having the lights come on, potable water from the tap when they turn the handle? To listen to the Democrats debate, things are just not working for the masses. Only the elite rich have those amenities. We already had the “free” cellphones program (I think the ones walking around with the latest i-phone scraped up the money for it themselves); now we are assured to have internet for all. However, this is the “progressive” Democratic Party, and you know what “progressive” means. It just keeps growing demands, health care for all, but at least they are up front this time that you won’t be able to keep yours. Free college for all, plus we will be picking up the tab for those who have already gone … being the generous people they are and progressive, we will be paying for an “electric” car for everyone in the near future, too, I bet. They rant and rave about how much the elites make, yet the college professors who make hundreds of thousands of dollars are never mentioned. Universities with billions of dollars in assets are just fine.
They talk like the average minority person is still in bondage. They go on and on about the people who ran around in white robes who beat the crap out of people but don’t mention they were Democrats. Now we have those running around wearing black ski masks and black clothes beating the crap out of people, but they don’t mention they are partial to the Democrats. The average American is supposed to accept this. If we don’t, we are racist, homophobes, etc., it just goes on and on. The Constitution and Bill of Rights, and some religious beliefs thrown in, are what made this country what it is over the last 200-plus years. It has done some things wrong, but it has done a lot more right.
We have some great organizations that constantly work to help those in need. New shoes, backpacks, help with electric bills, school supplies, etc. How much will there be to go around when the influx of illegal immigrants who are overrunning our borders get here? And they will. We will foot the bill to teach them English, and maybe not, depending on whether they want to acclimate. Maybe they will turn the whole country into Minnesota and Michigan. The Pledge of Allegiance seems to be a hot topic now. Statues are “offending” people and must be removed as they make some people uncomfortable. Remember the word “progressive”?
Finally, I didn’t hear one Democratic candidate mention how they were going to make our country more prosperous. Not one said they were going to get the GDP above 4 percent, get unemployment under 3 percent, make more jobs for anyone who wants to work. No, they just want “equality.” They want everyone to be in the same sinkhole.

Kathie King is a resident of Quincy.