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Posted on Nov 2, 2018

Letter to the editor: Election time is here

Election time is here
Well, it is down to the wire time. Most of us have already made up our minds and sent in our ballots or will shortly, now that there are replacement envelopes with postage paid. I doubt that stopped many from voting and sending them off. Nothing worth doing is free.
Now, we can wait and reap the rewards of our decisions. If Sylvia Hammond goes to Olympia she will join the other Democrats who will be working towards a state income tax as they have tried time and time again, even though the citizens of Washington state have rejected that time and again. They will probably try more regulations on anything that they can pull out of their “hats.” They will be working on more projects to send the West Side garbage to the East Side. She talks a good talk, but we will see what she does when they take her aside and read from the book to her. Then there is Lisa Brown who wants us to send her to the pit in Washington, D.C., so she can join Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and Maxine Waters. They will definitely read to her from their book and she will get in line. Can’t wait to have Elijah Cummings and Maxine Waters the head of important committees if the Democrats take the house. That is a nightmare to reckon with.
If you thought there was chaos and divisiveness before, hold on to your hat if the Democratic Party gets the power again. They have been hijacked by “progressive” candidates. They are not the party of “Scoop” Jackson and Warren Magnuson. They are the party who consider acne a pre-existing condition for heaven’s sake.
And then there is the caravans coming that the Democrats have assured us will do no harm. A lot of well fed, well clothed people in those caravans. Lots of young men, lots of foreign flags with them. How many rocks and Molotov cocktails are they bringing to make sure they can storm our border … they have a right to be here, they said so, the Democratic Party says so.
Kathie King,